Tomorrow belongs to us: Xavier will die after his suicide attempt?

The sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us is likely to cause a sensation among viewers. Xavier will notably attempt to commit suicide.

The next episode of Tomorrow belongs to us promises to be rich in twists and turns. Indeed, an emblematic character of the series will attempt suicide. Xavier will he survive? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z! Attention, the article which will follow is likely to contain SPOILERS!

Tomorrow belongs to us makes the buzz on TF1

It has been several years now that Tomorrow belongs to us delighted fans on the small screen. And for good reason ! The creation of Frédéric Chansel, Laure de Colbert, Nicolas Durand-Zouky, Éline Le Fur, Fabienne Lesieur and Jean-Marc Taba string together the intrigues brilliantly.

So that viewers do not have time to be bored for a single second in front of the episodes of the flagship series of TF1. Every week there are many stories to punctuate the daily life of Sétois.

Eh yes ! Life in the south of France is exciting. And this, to the delight of aficionados. Lately, the neighboring city of Montpellier was also upset by extraordinary adventures.

Especially since the arrival of Rebecca. Since the character played by Victoria Abril has landed in the production of the chain of the Bouygues group, it would seem that southerners have to face several problems.

The former star was also the victim of an assault. A traumatic experience that did not fail to make the buzz among fans of Tomorrow is ours.

The police have since carried out their investigation, but the clues are slim. For her part, Rebecca is formal. Sébastien is at the origin of his condition. Indeed, the latter was seen in the hospital room trying to play with the patient’s infusion.

A suspicious situation which does not, however, prove his guilt. Corn as this plot continues, another story is also about to hit the mark. MCE TV tells you more about the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us !

Xavier makes a suicide attempt

Based on information posted online by Tele-Leisure, the next episode of Tomorrow belongs to us may be rich in emotions. Indeed, Xavier is about to make a suicide attempt.

He was then admitted to the hospital and placed in an artificial coma. In shock, Chloe will not hesitate to go to her bedside. Far from understanding the situation, the pretty blonde will then open her heart to him.

« I know you will beat my heart, that you will do everything to find us. Maud and Camille are waiting for you, they need you so much. Please promise me you’ll hold on. “

So this is what Ingrid Chauvin should declare in the episode of Friday, November 19. It remains to be seen why the companion of the young woman made the decision to end his life.

In any case, one thing is certain, is that the revelations to come as to Rebecca’s relationship with Xavier’s father may have an impact on the morale of Camille and Maud’s dad. Case to follow in Tomorrow belongs to us …


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