Tomorrow belongs to us: what future for Mona in the TF1 series?

Coming soon in “Tomorrow is ours”, Mona will wow viewers with her upcoming projects. You are not ready!

In the next episodes of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Mona may surprise you! In fact, Celeste’s babysitter is also going to join the high school Agnes Varda … And not as a teacher. MCE TV shows you everything.

Tomorrow belongs to us continues to make the heyday of TF1

This summer, the writers of “Tomorrow belongs to us” have again put the small dishes in the big ones to delight fans of the show. Yes, there was no lack of thrilling plots.

Quite the contrary! For example, the Daunier family has also been honored.

Impossible to forget the intriguing story linked to the Dame-Blanche. As you have seen, family secrets have a long history tormented William and his relatives.

In good times as in bad times, he was fortunately able to count on his wife Aurore. But also on the help of his daughters Sofia and Manon. Without forgetting, his sister Bénédicte who decided to settle in the region.

Indeed, Dorian his only son wished to have a calmer life. Used to traveling to the 4 corners of the world thanks to their sailboat, the young man now wanted to start a new life in Sète.

He acclimatized very well. Manon’s cousin quickly made friends. But not only… For proof, in the last episodes of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, the teenager has also formalized his relationship with Camille.

Inseparable and complementary, the lovebirds are therefore well found. Unfortunately for them, Xavier Meffre the father of the young woman does not see not their relationship very favorably.

For him, William’s nephew would have a bad influence on his elder. Fortunately, Chloe always has the right words to calm things down!

Mona wants to pass the bac

The vacation is over ! It’s the big recovery… Even in “Tomorrow belongs to us”.

This year in fiction, the students will also make their return to a new establishment called “Agnès Varda”.

And new students will surprise you… Among them, Mona!

Celeste’s babysitter is also resuming her studies. Even his son Georges nwas not aware of this project.

Stressed at the highest point before the start of the school year, the musician will also be on the defensive as underlined “All TV”. Mona will even go pretend she has to go shopping. However, this is wrong!

Coming soon in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, his arrival in progress will also intrigue more than one.

Starting with Nathan who made his knowledge this summer at the straw hut.

While her classmates think she’s a teacher, they’ll fall for it.e high by discovering its true status.

Mona will gradually have to get used to this new environment. And it is not easy!

To make matters worse, Olivier Doucet, the maths teacher, will deduce that Mona is a student mother. Understanding his mistake, he apologizes and emphasizes his courage.

So let’s go for a year of study!

Finally, George’s mother will therefore complete a post-baccalaureate file with the help of Irene, the CPE. Ambitious, the nanny de Céleste has her head full of plans.

She wishes later become «Tubiste» or even “Footballers’ agent”. In any case, some upcoming sequences of “Tomorrow is ours” are sure to amuse you. Sacred Mona!