Tomorrow belongs to us: what big secret is Jim hiding in the series?

Right now in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, the first-named Jim is intriguing the crowds! Obviously, the handsome brunette wants to conquer Anna’s heart …

Cupid often makes his own in “Tomorrow belongs to us”. Indeed, Karim decided to break up with Anna after finding out that she was cheating on him. And his rival the named Jim is quite mysterious for the moment… MCE TV reveals everything to you.

Twists are coming in Tomorrow is ours

Every week, millions of viewers come to follow the new episodes of “Tomorrow belongs to us”. And one of the intrigues are mainly based on Chloe!

The last few months have not been all the rest for Xavier’s darling. After the hostage-taking at Spoon, it is as a principal that she made her big comeback at Agnès Verda high school.

But his new Irene was taken aback to say the least! The young woman has often put obstacles in the way.

To make matters worse, Clément’s death has to say the least turned students and teachers upside down. During the investigation, Chloe was able to count on Alex’s unwavering support.

Subsequently, things turned accelerated between Celeste’s parents. A few days ago in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Judith was kidnapped with Roxane by Yvan… Noa’s grandfather.

Fortunately, Martin and his men were able to benefit from the help of Victoire to find them alive. After visiting their daughter in the hospital, Chloe and Alex slept together.

Since then, the duo tries to be discreet. Obviously, they wish continue their romance. The two exes have a hard time ignoring their mutual attraction. Unfortunately for them, everything will eventually know …

Jim spies on Anna and Karim

Other characters in “Tomorrow is ours” have seen better days. Like Karim!

Last week, Georges’ colleague was stunned when Anna confessed to him that she didn’t want to get pregnant right now. The psychologist told her that she wanted to focus on his career.

In parallel to all this, the pretty blonde also made the meets a photographer named Jim. And the feeling was immediately there.

Very attracted to the latter, Anna then began to doubt her relationship. But his attitude also put Karim on hearing.

One thing leading to another, the handsome brunette has also started to spy on his sweetheart. And he finished by discovering that the latter was cheating on him.

Stung to the quick, the policeman preferred to end their relationship. Soon in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Nina’s dad will also put his suitcases down at the police station so that things settle down. He will also ask Georges to investigate his rival.

Unhappy about this situation, Anna goes to see him to apologize. But nothing helps!

Confidence seems broken between the ex-lovebirds. For his part, Jim seems daily spy on them and investigate them.

And that’s not all. A named Marjorie will contact Anna to couples therapy. Except that the latter is also… Jim’s companion! Strange, isn’t it? Case to be continued in “Tomorrow belongs to us”.


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