Tomorrow belongs to us: Victoria Abril alias Rebecca is coming to Sète!

Victoria Abril, will play the role of Rebecca, in the next episodes of your favorite soap opera: “Tomorrow belongs to us”.

The famous actress Victoria Abril finally sets foot in Sète. She will play the role of Rebecca in the series “Tomorrow belongs to us”. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

What is Victoria Abril doing in Tomorrow belongs to us ?

It has been several months that “Tomorrow belongs to us” teased the arrival of Victoria Abril. It is now done. Indeed, MYTF1 has just published an excerpt from the next episode and she is indeed present !

FYI, she will lend her features to Rebecca, the ex-wife of Sébastien Perraud (Xavier Deluc) and therefore Raphaëlle’s mother (Jennifer Lauret). Something tells us that she will do her best to get closer to her. We are not immune, either, that some well-buried secrets are revealed.

In this famous excerpt anyway, we see it happening, dressed in a very chic way, via a small boat. The latter is very generous since she distributes tips to the staff who took care of her trip.

But she is also very materialistic. “With things, it’s like with people. You have to be gentle. “, she explains to the valet who suddenly throws his suitcases in the trunk.

What we also learn in this excerpt from “Tomorrow belongs to us” is that Rebecca is very nostalgic at the idea of ​​returning to France. “France is beautiful. I missed you ! “she exclaims as she gets into a car. And you, what do you think of this new character in the series? MCE TV tells you more.

Kenza Saib-Couton will make his comeback

If the fans of “Tomorrow belongs to us” will discover a new character, they will also find an old one. Indeed, Kenza Saib-Couton returns in November in the series.

As a reminder, the latter had to be absent in order to giving birth to her adorable baby boy : Nael. Since then, she has enjoyed every moment that life offers her, in the company of her family.

But it must be said that he quickly began to miss film sets. So she couldn’t help but put on Soraya’s costume again.

5 days ago, moreover, the young woman regaled her subscribers by publishing a photo of her, in full acting. In caption, she wrote: “Back to Dna on November 11. Ready for new adventures! How good it is to find everyone! “.

Internet users could not, either, hide their joy to find it in their favorite soap opera. So they let off steam in the space dedicated to comments.

“A pleasant return, can’t wait to find your character in dna! »,« Looking forward to meeting you !! “, ” At last ! “, ” Very good ! »,« I am very happy that you come back, I miss you a lot because I adore you. »,« Yupi, what good news. “, ” Oh yeah !!! Very cool. Miss you so much on the show. “, can we thus read.

Hopefully, “Tomorrow is ours” fans will accept. changes made in the series as they do for the return of Kenza Saib-Couton. To be continued.


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