Tomorrow belongs to us: the improbable look of Victoria Abril unveiled!

Jennifer Lauret, who plays Raphaëlle in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, has just unveiled the wacky look of Victoria Abril.

To believe her latest look, posted on Instagram, Victoria Abril may surprise us in the series “Tomorrow belongs to us”. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Victoria Abril will play a colorful character in “Tomorrow belongs to us”

On November 3, MYTF1 published an extract of Victoria Abril’s arrival in “Tomorrow belongs to us”. Thus, we learned that she came by boat and that she has a lot of money. We actually see her distribute tips to staff who helped him during his trip.

We learn, at the same time, that‘she hasn’t been to France for a very long time. “France is beautiful. I missed you ! “, she exclaims as well.

In appearance, Victoria Abril is well dressed. Indeed, in the extract broadcast on MYTF1, she wears a big hat on her little blond square. She also wears many pearl necklaces and a pretty little frilly dress.

Nothing to do with the photo circulating on the web. Because yes, a few hours ago, Jennifer Lauret allowed herself to post a photo of the actress in order to once again tease his arrival. And the least we can say is that it does not look at all like the original image.

On the Instagram post, she wears a wig with graying and curly hair. Her outfit is just as alluring since it is… orange in color! His pout accentuates the offbeat tone of the shot.

And you want to discover Victoria Abril on the set of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, we urge you to read on.

Internet users react en masse

In the caption of this photo, Jennifer Lauret writes: “It is with undisguised pride that I present to you my new fictional mom, Victoria Abril, in Tomorrow belongs to us. “.

Then she adds: “An exceptional woman, a talented actress, a mind-blowing playmate …”. The one who plays Raphaëlle in “Tomorrow belongs to us” then gives an appointment to the fans November 8, on TF1, at 7:10 pm.

Sure, the look of mom shocked internet users. They could not help but leave their little note in the space dedicated to this purpose.

“Sorry but the wig made me laugh ! “, ” It promises ! “,” Who is this old woman? Lol! »,« Dressed in the colors of the season !! Outfits full of pep, like you two !! “,” But what did she do with the hair? “, can we thus read.

There are also many who have shown their desire to discover Victoria Abril in “Tomorrow belongs to us” : “Oh great! My two adored actresses! Looking forward to November 8! »,« So there I can only be filled … 2 of my favorite actresses. “, ” Oh !! Victoria April very great actress who also played in Clem! “.

Or : “Victoria Abril is a fantastic actress! “,” But what good news. I love her Victoria! She brings joy in all the movies and soap operas that she plays. I love his Spanish accent. “.

So you will understand, Victoria Abril’s arrival is eagerly awaited, as well by his colleagues of “Tomorrow belongs to us” as by the televiewers. To be continued.


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