Tomorrow belongs to us: the identity of the raven revealed in the series?

Jack has been hassled for weeks on Tomorrow Belongs to Us. And we will finally know the identity of the famous high school crow.

For some time now, Jack has been harassed. And he’s not the only one in high school to go through this. A raven is rampant and traumatizes a large number of students. But in Tomorrow belongs to us, we will finally find out who this famous crow really is.

Jack gets harassed

Since coming out, Jack hasn’t stopped being harassed in Tomorrow Belongs to Us. He knew it wouldn’t be easy, but it’s even harder than expected. In the end, he was even attacked a few days ago by strangers.

And the young man thinks these people are outside the school. But does not know anything about their identity. In addition, a crow sends him threatening or insulting messages regularly. Fortunately, his mother manages to convince him to file a complaint.

So he goes to the gendarmerie and explains his story. The gendarmes retrieve his phone from Tomorrow belongs to us. They will try to find out who is the author of these anonymous messages. But it will turn out to be harder than expected.

Aurore thinks that the attackers are not in high school. On the other hand, she is convinced that the crow is one of their comrade. And it turns out she’s right. But you will know that in the rest of this article! And that is not very surprising

In the end, the analyzes of Jack’s phone do not yield anything in Tomorrow belongs to us. They cannot find any tracks because the messages are encrypted. So we are facing someone who has a good command of computer tools. At the scene of the assault, no lead either.

Tomorrow belongs to us: the identity of the raven unveiled

But the crow does not stop its actions in Tomorrow belongs to us. He continues to traumatize the school. And not the Gossip Girl way. He keeps sending photos, videos on the privacy of his comrades.

And in an indiscretion, we finally discover who the crow is. But we suspected a little. Indeed, Charlie and his friend are at the Spoon. They are chatting quietly when Maël arrives. He shows a picture of Chloe and Angy holding hands.

The gossip continues. The young man at the bar warns Maël, the crow should be discreet at the moment because the police are on his heels. And she is convinced that the latter is part of the school. Maël looks at him and says to him with almost sincerity.

“I also hope they will find him“. Except that after saying goodbye to the two friends, his gaze changes completely. It is getting very dark. So we understand that it is the crow in Tomorrow belongs to us. But why is he doing this?

The young man does not seem very afraid that the police are after him. Would he be a little too confident? Because at some point he will end up betraying himself, that’s for sure! But in what way?

We’ll have to follow the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us to find out. In the meantime, Jack is still not feeling well and continues to be depressed at home.


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