Tomorrow belongs to us: the great return of Tristan unveiled in pictures!

Tristan Girard (played by Mathieu Alexandre) will make his comeback in Tomorrow belongs to us. And it’s coming very soon!

The fans of Tomorrow belongs to us are likely to be happy. Tristan Girard, the former boss of the Spoon, will soon be back in the soap opera. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Tristan Girard had a hard time taking hostages

Last August, a hostage taking took place at the Spoon, in Tomorrow belongs to us. Mathieu Alexandre, who embodies the owner of the premises (Tristan Girard), had also enjoyed the filming of this scene.

“Finding ourselves with a small handful of actors in the same place, it allowed us to discover ourselves a little more. Even though we’ve been together for four years! I also loved rediscover Le Spoon in another way. », he confided on this subject, to here is.

However, Mathieu Alexandre admitted that there was a stressful side to playing a hostage situation. “We had to sit on the ground for hours and hours. In the end, it created a distressing climate, small tensions but which are conducive to the game. We ourselves as actors, by playing these scenes, we touched on this situation. “, he also said.

Speaking of Mathieu Alexandre, he had to say goodbye to his character right after this scene. Indeed, Tristan Girard (the owner) wanted to pack up after the event. He could no longer work in a place where some loved ones lost their lives.

But good news. Mathieu Alexandre (aka Tristan Girard) will make his big comeback in Tomorrow belongs to us, next week. If this information interests you, we advise you to continue reading. MCE TV tells you more, just below.

Tomorrow belongs to us: the great return of Tristan unveiled in pictures!
Tomorrow belongs to us: the great return of Tristan unveiled in pictures!

He comes back in tomorrow belongs to us

TF1 has just unveiled an extract from Tomorrow belongs to us on its website. Thus, we discover the first images of Tristan, in Sètes.

Of course, his first instinct is to go to the Spoon. The music is joyful and it walk in with a smile. This is the sign that the young man feels much better!

He falls directly on Bart (Hector Langevin), the new boss. The latter takes him in his arms. “I came to see if you still had any customers!” “, then launches Tristan, in an ironic tone.

So Bart took the opportunity to tell him that he was in high demand and thathe is greatly missed by the faithful. We learn, at the same time, that Tristan was in Garches with Ben and Solenne, his nephew and his niece.

“Ben is in high school, he made a lot of friends”, he throws at Bart. Before adding: “Solenne is progressing really well. She still has crutches but she can move around without her wheelchair now, which is kinda crazy. “. You will understand, everything is fine.

But Tristan will quickly become disillusioned when he meets Vanessa. Indeed, he will have no choice but to consider her as the one that imposes its law on the Spoon.

To find out what will happen in the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us, we give you an appointment Monday to Friday, on TF1, from 7:10 p.m. for a new episode of your favorite soap opera.


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