Tomorrow belongs to us: the couple of Anna and Karim disturbed by Jim?

Once again, the couples stand out in Tomorrow belongs to us. Are Anna and Karim in danger because of Jim?

The sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us holds surprises for couples. Indeed, Anna and Karim may well be disturbed by Jim. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Tomorrow belongs to us: couples stand out

Since its inception, Tomorrow Belongs to Us has been a great success. The viewers then seem addicted and don’t want to miss an episode. What to delight the production therefore.

It must be said that Tomorrow belongs to us leaves nothing to chance. Screenwriters always do proof of great creativity. And yes, the latter do not hesitate to be teasing with the characters of the series.

Side heart, it seems that the series has a lot of imagination. Indeed, there is often love in the air. But lately, nothing is going any more in the flagship series of TF1. The couples then find themselves at the heart of big intrigues.

This is the case of Victoire and Georges. And for good reason, the young woman is going through a difficult period in Tomorrow belongs to us. While she finds herself hospitalized, the beauty must undergo a heart transplant.

Today she seems obsessed with the idea of ​​finding your donor. In addition, the pretty blonde has many questions about her relationship with Georges. She prefers to take a break. For the latter, it’s really a cold shower. Ouch!

And since a catastrophe never happens on its own in Tomorrow belongs to us, it’s Karim and Anna’s turn. Indeed, the couple could well find themselves destabilized by Jim. MCE TV tells you more! *Attention Spoilers*

Tomorrow belongs to us: the couple of Anna and Karim disturbed by Jim?
Tomorrow belongs to us: the couple of Anna and Karim disturbed by Jim?

Anna and Karim about to break up?

Nothing goes as planned in Tomorrow is ours. And for good reason, life in Sète is not the calmest. The characters in the series must therefore face many twists and turns. Eh yes !

Moreover, in the continuation of Tomorrow belongs to us, it’s Anna and Karim’s turn to stand out. And for good reason, while everything was going well between the two lovebirds, an astonishing meeting could well cause trouble.

Indeed, the extract available on MyTF1 teases this meeting. As Anna arrives at the Spoon, a stranger decides to go talk to him. He declares : ” Excuse me ? Are you Anna Delcourt? “

Before adding: ” I was sure, I recognized you as soon as you walked through the door. “ This new character is actually named Jim Irving. He seems seduced by Anna. It must be said that the latter is very fan of his work. So he reads all his articles.

But that’s not all. The young woman confides in her turn. Indeed, she also recognizes him. In fact, Jim is the author of a famous photo of the explosion in Beirut. This cliché had upset him then. And she does not hide it! Tomorrow belongs to us really think of everything.

In the excerpt, Anna returns to see Karim. But on his side, Jim does not take his eyes off her. He then seems under her spell. For her part, Anna could well let herself be destabilized. The situation will therefore become more complicated. Ouch!

One thing is certain, the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us has surprises in store for Anna and Karim. The couple could well end up with their backs to the wall. For Victoire and Georges, the situation is not easier. Couples therefore risk live great moments in the next episodes. To be continued.


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