Tomorrow belongs to us: Sara and Roxane formalize their marriage!

The aficionados of “Tomorrow belongs to us” are in heaven! Last I heard, Roxane and Sara are now engaged.

This is great news for “Tomorrow is ours” viewers! Sara and Roxane will soon be getting married. At the announcement, their loved ones will be amazed. MCE TV shows you everything from A to Z.

Tomorrow belongs to us: Karim is at its worst

In recent days, there have been quite a few twists and turns in “Tomorrow is ours”. One of the main intrigues also concerns Karim!

Martin’s colleague has seen better days. After rejoicing over Anne’s return to Sète, the handsome brunette quickly became disillusioned.

During a romantic dinner, the psychologist confessed to him that she did not want get pregnant yet. The pretty blonde prefers to focus on her career.

His announcement had the merit of calling Karim. Following this, Anna also made the meets a famous photographer named Jim.

And she has fell in love with him. This situation is therefore not easy for her.

Judith’s aunt is constantly torn between him and Karim. Unfortunately, Nina’s daddy has ended up discovering the horrible truth.

Behind his back, his honey has started an affair with Jim. Imagine the shock … Injured, Georges’ colleague therefore preferred to end their story.

But Karim is still determined to investigate his rival. Recently in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Anna also fell from the clouds when she discovered that Jim was in a relationship with his new patient.

The young woman does not understand why the latter did not tell him the whole truth. Add to that, that Marjorie, his companion, will end up discovering what is going on between them. And the confrontation is likely to be violent …

Sara and Roxane are getting married

But in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Anna is not alone with a hectic private life. Indeed, his sister Chloé also manages not without pain his romantic relationships.

In the city, Irene’s colleague is spinning always the perfect love with Xavier. But since the hostage-taking in Spoon, she also has an ambiguous relationship with her ex Alex.

One thing leading to another, Céleste’s parents ended up succumbing to temptation. And the duo don’t seem to want to end their romance… At least for now.

But in “Tomorrow is ours”, even the best-kept secrets always end up being discovered. Rest assured, a couple in Sète is swimming really in happiness.

Last I heard, Sara and Roxane are on cloud nine. Remember, the pretty brunette was for a time kidnapped with Judith by Yvan, Noa’s grandfather. But thanks to the investigators, they could be found alive.

Marked by this misadventure, Roxane is doing everything to move forward. Yesterday in the saga, she also asked for Sara’s hand.

Of course, the main one said yes. Very happy, the two women will also announce the happy news to their colleagues at the police station. Unsurprisingly, they will congratulate them all! To be continued…


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