Tomorrow belongs to us: Odysseus on the verge of death in the series?

Ulysses will find himself between life and death, in the next episodes of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, during the hostage-taking.

As you probably know, a hostage-taking is in full swing in your favorite soap opera: “Tomorrow belongs to us”. Fans wonder whether Ulysses is going to die or not. MCE TV reveals everything from A to Z!

Where is the hostage-taking in “Tomorrow belongs to us”?

Last I heard, a young woman called Ophelia is still in possession of the Spoon. We remind you that she is part of the group Green Solidarity. This group claims ecological measures.

However, we still do not know why she took action. Still,Ophelia holds many inhabitants prisoners, at the Spoon. Among them, we count Alex, Chloé, Camille, Tristan, but also Charlie, Sylvain, Ulysse and Anthony.

In the next episodes of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, a character will be seriously injured. This is of course Ulysses. Indeed, the cook is going to be shot in the arm.

Of course, he will think he has no chance of making it. So he will take his precautions and whisper a request to Chloé Delcourt. If anything happens to her, she must promise to tell Amanda that Odysseus loves her very much.

Little by little, the situation will deteriorate and Ulysses will realize thatit must be taken care of. Only, Ophelia (who is holding them hostage) will refuse to listen to him. We hope all the same that he will manage to survive and stay in “Tomorrow belongs to us”. MCE TV tells you more.

Tomorrow belongs to us: Odysseus on the verge of death in the series?
Tomorrow belongs to us: Odysseus on the verge of death in the series?

Ingrid Chauvin opens up about the hostage taking

Remember, in a recent interview with Leisure TV, Ingrid Chauvin (who plays Chloé Delcourt in “Tomorrow belongs to us”) confided thata character was going to die during this hostage-taking. We still hope that it is not Ulysses.

The flagship actress of the series also explained that this hostage-taking was strengthen the bonds of the Delcourt family. “This is an event that will permanently mark all the families in the series”, she confided.

Chloe will indeed get closer to Alex. But it is not that simple. « Chloe is caught in the crossfire : Alex, the father of her children, will confide, and Xavier (Charles Lelaure), her companion, risk his life for her », she clarified.

Ingrid Chauvin then gave more details on the shooting of this hostage-taking. Although it was a very good experience, the actress still admitted to having faced some difficulties.

“It was very interesting to play in a place unit for two weeks”, she first explained. Before adding: “We entered a long tunnel with dense hourly amplitudes. We couldn’t see the light of day. We lived in a quirky way in a permanent fog. Playing in a confined space naturally created a feeling of oppression, which we fed on ».

Either way, “Tomorrow is Us” fans are eager to hear how their favorite heroes will come out of this sticky situation. And especially whether Ulysses is going to die or not. To find out, the editorial staff of MCE TV will meet you from Monday to Friday at 7:10 p.m., on TF1.


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