Tomorrow belongs to us: Noa responsible for the kidnapping of Roxane?

In the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us: Did Noa really kidnap Roxane? We give you more details!

Noa accused of kidnapping Roxane in the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us? MCE TV tells you everything!

Did Noa kidnap Roxane?

The next episodes of Tomorrow is Our Own will not be easy for some of our favorite characters. Indeed, many twists and turns are to be expected! The fans have better watch out.

Please note, the following paragraphs contain many spoilers. For the curious who are impatient to know what awaits them in the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us, You are in the right place !

Noa Josse finds herself with her back to the wall. Indeed, Victoire and Sara suspects him to have something to do with Roxane’s disappearance.

The two young women seem to be convinced that Judith’s boyfriend is linked to Roxane’s kidnapping. Georges then goes to the farmhouse. Noa then specifies that he had only made a delivery to the restaurant where Emilie worked. The story would date back to two years ago.

In addition, the young man clarifies that he was with his girlfriend, Judith, at the time of Roxane’s disappearance! Besides, the Delcourt girl confirms that he was well with her. So he has an alibi.

But Sara remains convinced that the young man knows something. She thinks in fact that he knows the place where the young woman is held captive.

At this level, Martin finds that Sara is no longer objective at all. So it goes make a radical decision. The young woman is removed from the case.

Tomorrow belongs to us: Noa responsible for the kidnapping of Roxane? Tomorrow belongs to us: Noa responsible for the kidnapping of Roxane?

In the continuation of Tomorrow belongs to us

In the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us, the noose tightens around Noa. The character played by Tristan Jerram is accused to be linked to Roxane’s kidnapping.

Even if the young man seems to have an alibi, Sara remains convinced that she has a lead. She will therefore end up being ousted from the case. The next episodes of the TF1 soap opera therefore risk to provide many answers to our questions.

In the meantime, elsewhere in the Tomorrow Belongs to Us series, Anna is making a new start. The young woman is now a psychologist at Saint-Clair hospital. So it’s a new life which begins for Chloe’s sister.

Later in the day, the young woman finds Karim on the beach. The latter has prepared a surprise for her and offers her baby booties. A way for him to say that he wants to start a family.

But Anna does not seem on the same wavelength! Indeed, the young woman comes to start a new job. The timing is therefore not good.

Karim still tries to make her change her mind. But Anna explains to him that it is really not the right time to start a family.

Does this decision risk endangering the couple of Anna and Karim? We also know that in the next episodes, the young woman risks getting closer to another character. A certain Jim, played by actor Nicolas Baisin!

The continuation of the TF1 series risks to make many changes. Stay tuned, up close !


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