Tomorrow belongs to us: Maud ready to do anything to seduce Jack?

Is Maud ready for anything for Jack in the French series Tomorrow belongs to us? We give you more details!

Maud is she ready for anything for jack in the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us? MCE TV gives you more details.

Operation seduction

This week ends with the broadcast of episode 1026 of the series Tomorrow belongs to us. But this Friday episode is also the first of October. And the least we can say is that the 10th month of the year promises to be strong in twists and turns.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain numerous spoilers. Indeed, we reveal to you what awaits you in the next episode of Tomorrow belongs to us.

If you don’t want to know anything, we will do not recommend reading the rest of this article. For the more curious, you have come to the right place! We reveal everything to you here.

First of all, know that Raphaƫlle, Maud and Camille are going to eat together. This premiere will then give them some advice on seduction. Then their tells how she met their father.

Moreover, she specifies that at the time, he was not single. Maud then speaks with Jack. He confides in her that he fell in love but that it was not reciprocal.

Maud is far from suspecting that it is about Hadrian! The young woman took it into her head to conquer Jack. She passes therefore in seduction mode.

In French class, she takes advantage of a pair exercise to get together with Jack. And offers her to come and work at her place. But all her hopes will be dashed when Jack innocently makes her understand that they are just friends, without any ambiguity!

Tomorrow belongs to us: Maud ready to do anything to seduce Jack?
Tomorrow belongs to us: Maud ready to do anything to seduce Jack?

In the continuation of Tomorrow belongs to us

In the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us, Maud’s seduction operation fell through. Indeed, Jack makes him understand that they are just friends. Nothing more !

Elsewhere in the series, Victoire feels better after her operation. But the young woman continues to hallucinate. Indeed, it still has strange effects after his intervention.

Sandrine then informs Georges that Victoire is not doing very well. While Sandrine went to get some fresh air and stretch legs a little, Georges sits down at her bedside and smiles at her.

But when Victoire looks at Georges’ face, she sees that of another man! And the latter even tries to strangle him. A vision of horror which therefore makes the young woman react. So she goes strike Georges to defend himself.

When she realizes it’s him, she tells him that a man was in her room to kill her. Victoire seems to be very scared. Indeed, the young woman is terrified and does not understand what she is going through.

Georges and Sandrine then tell William and Samuel the incidents at Victoire. Doctors also tell them that she has auditory and visual hallucinations. And that they still have to do more exams to understand the situation.

Victoire, on her side, explains to William how she feels after the hallucinations. She asks for an MRI, but all the results are good! Case to be followed in the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us.


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