Tomorrow belongs to us: Marion Christmann is leaving the series for good?

On her Instagram account, actress Marion Christmann explained to her fans that she was leaving the TF1 series Tomorrow belongs to us!

Many actors have decided to leave Tomorrow belongs to us. Recently, Marion Christmann unveiled her final clap. Much to everyone’s surprise, the actress announced that she left the series permanently.

Marion Christmann is leaving Tomorrow belongs to us

The fans of Tomorrow belongs to us have been following the adventures of Amanda Faro (Marion Christmann) for two years now. Unfortunately, the actress who embodies it has decided to take off. In any case, that’s what she has announced on the networks.

This Monday, August 30, Marion Christmann (Tomorrow belongs to us) shared several posts on her Instagram account. She said goodbye to her fans. The latter also looked very disappointed that she left the TF1 series.

She said: “END CLAP…! For more than two years, I took great pleasure in playing and developing this character. And, he left spent things in two years« .

The actress continued: “Amanda, a bubbly, funny, mischievous and emotional nurse. But endearing, in search of love. After going through a few heartaches, overcoming a rape and surviving a cave collapse, she’ll have it finally found his true love« .

Marion Christmann (Tomorrow belongs to us) revealed: “But a year later, he dies in a hostage situation… It is true that she did not have a pot! But it was for my greatest pleasure “.

“Because as an actress, all these stories and emotions to play were a real gift (…) It was an incredible adventure. a so crazy shooting rhythm. But so formative! “.

Very moving farewells

Marion Christmann (Tomorrow belongs to us) continued: “And it’s also full of lovely encounters that I won’t forget. Thanks to the great technical teams and artistic works that accompany us ! ».

Marion Christmann (Tomorrow belongs to us) also added: “Thank you to all my fabulous partners with whom I had the chance to share a scene, or several, or even a whole plot. SHORT, I carry thousands of memories in my heart ”.

She also shared an adorable message for her fans. She then confided: ” I will miss you !!! And finally YOU, who follow us every evening, Thank you for your loyalty. And for all your words “.

The actress admitted: “You have put a lot of joy in my heart. I have to say, starting the show with all this wave of love and compliments of the last few days, for the death of Ulysses, touches me a lot ”.

Finally, Marion Christmann (Tomorrow belongs to us) also revealed: ” I sincerely thank you. And I tenderly kiss all the people with whom I had the chance to work. I can’t wait to share my new adventures with you ».

With her post, the actress has also collected more than 11,000 “likes” in a few hours from her fans. In the comments, the latter wished the young woman a “good trip” for the rest of his adventures.

It remains to be seen if Marion Christmann (Tomorrow belongs to us) has other plans for the future. It will take patience to find out. In the meantime, she keeps a important place in the hearts of fans !