Tomorrow belongs to us: Lola Marois ready to join the TF1 series?

It could be that Plus belle la vie is ending soon. And for Lola Marois, it would be likely that she goes to Tomorrow belongs to us.

Lola Marois has been an actress in Plus belle la vie for a while. She plays a policewoman. But apparently, the actress would be ready to change to go to Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1. We tell you more in this article.

More beautiful life will end

Life could be more beautiful ends very soon. Audiences had been declining for months. We passed below the 3 million viewers mark. Which is too little to finance the soap opera.

In fact, an episode costs 30,000 euros to produce! A large sum. So, several solutions were discussed. The producers thought for example change channel program. But ultimately, that shouldn’t happen.

Finally, Plus belle la vie could end for good at the end of the season. An open letter from the technicians of the soap opera announced that the decision had already been made. But for the moment, there is nothing official.

We must not forget that 600 people work on the show. And there are a lot of actors. We think for example of Lola Marois, the companion of Jean-Marie Bigard. Indeed, the actress has been portraying her character for years.

So the actress does not close the door to tomorrow belongs to us and More beautiful life was coming to a stop. This could be a project for her. But for the moment nothing is definitive. We explain all this to you later in this article.

Tomorrow belongs to us: Lola Marois ready to join the TF1 series?
Tomorrow belongs to us: Lola Marois ready to join the TF1 series?

Tomorrow belongs to us: Lola Marois in the show?

Lola Marois answered these questions in an interview for TeleStar. Because indeed, the actors of More beautiful life are wondering what to do. So other soap operas like Tomorrow belongs to us could be a good solution

“We are all shaken by these rumours, we are not going to lie. For the moment, all teams continue to work. We are more united than ever, in a very family osmosis. We are at the mercy of rumors and everyone can make their own personal interpretation. »

But Lola Marois assures “that“There is nothing recorded, we just know that there are somewhat complex negotiations. We will sail on sight until this summer where we may have more concrete answers”. For the moment, the actors do not know more.

When journalists from TéléStar asks Lola Marois if she would say “yes” to a role in Tomorrow belongs to us or Un si grand soleil, she answered “ fconnection, yes”. So it could be possible for the actress.

But for the moment, the actress does not want to think about this purpose. As she said, for the moment, everyone is working as if the soap opera was going to continue. Because there is nothing definitive even if the rumors are rather bad.

We will see at the end of the season what is going on. In any case, the audiences of Plus belle la vie are not good. It would take a real raise to save the show.


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