Tomorrow belongs to us: Karim attacks Jim after his insults!

Since he learned of his partner Anna’s infidelity, Karim is at the end of the line. The character of Tomorrow belongs to us hit Jim!

Karim is at its worst since he caught a kiss between his partner Anna and Jim. The character of Tomorrow belongs to us no longer manages to hold back when in contact with it. He even hit him after receiving insults. Attention, the following paragraphs contain several spoilers! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

An infidelity that hurts a lot

What is more painful than catching your loved one kissing someone other than yourself? Karim will therefore be able to testify to it! He suffered a lot seeing his beautiful Anna in the arms of another man.

Even though the couple were going through a difficult time, Karim didn’t expect her to cheat on him so quickly. Especially since the man with whom she gave in to temptation is none other than Jim.

At the time, Anna preferred to keep it a secret, unaware that Karim had a photo proof. It was therefore with great difficulty that she ended up admitting that they had indeed kissed, without going any further.

Words very difficult to hear for the character of Tomorrow belongs to us, who therefore decided to end their relationship. But since then, he’s been getting worse and worse. Karim finds it hard to digest this betrayal.

It fails to turn the page and remember the infidelity of his partner. In the rest of the episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us, Karim has a lot more trouble managing his behavior, no offense to Jim! Here’s why below!

Tomorrow belongs to us: Karim attacks Jim after his insults!
Tomorrow belongs to us: Karim attacks Jim after his insults!

Tomorrow belongs to us:

Karim therefore takes refuge in the Spoon to try to find himself alone, with his glass in his hand. It was without counting on Jim who did not stop provoking him. Indeed, while he was drinking with his lawyer, he began to attack his enemy.

He started by applauding her and humiliating her in front of all the customers. “Captain, nice little number this morning“. Well obviously, it had the gift of raising the temperature of the latter. In the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us, Jim decided to push to the limit by insulting him in front of everyone.

Even worse ! He allowed himself to talk about Anna and to insult her in a condescending manner. It was too much for Anna’s ex-companion! He failed to control himself. So Jim pressed the red button adding that Anna had killed Marjorie.

Neither one nor two, Karim gave himselfc lifted to punch him brutally in the face. Jim was on the ground in seconds. But the policeman did not measure the extent of his act.

Because Jim could well use it to defend himself afterwards! Especially since some smart people had fun filming this scene. It is therefore a matter to be followed in the next episodes of “Tomorrow belongs to us”.


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