Tomorrow belongs to us: Jim Irving found unconscious in the street!

In the sequel to your favorite soap opera, “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Karim will openly attack his rival Jim Irving.

As you probably know, Anna cheated on Karim with Jim Irving, in “Tomorrow belongs to us”. The latter therefore risks having to pay for what he did. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Karim can’t come to terms with Jim and Anna’s betrayal

It’s hard for Karim to let Jim and Anna live their story without them being worried. Indeed, a few weeks ago, it was he who was living the perfect love with his beautiful on his arm. But how could things have turned upside down? He does not know it. One thing is certain anyway, it is that he thirsts for revenge.

Jim has already done in the face of Karim’s anger. It is for this reason that you will find him, at the police station, in the next episodes of “Tomorrow belongs to us”.

Indeed, the latter will wish to file a complaint against Karim for death threats and assault. Yes, the young man wants to protect himself. Who knows how far his rival could go!

Most the confrontation between Karim and Jim will be explosive. Anna’s ex will not be able to help but threaten the lover once again. The police will then have to lay him off.

However, that will not stop him. Karim will absolutely want to win his case in that case. Even if it means doing justice yourself. MCE TV tells you more about the following events in “Tomorrow belongs to us”.

Tomorrow belongs to us: Jim Irving found unconscious in the street!
Tomorrow belongs to us: Jim Irving found unconscious in the street!

What will happen in “Tomorrow belongs to us”?

Further on, in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Karim and Jim will be brought to meet again at the Spoon. Faced with a new provocation from the lover, he will get carried away and hit him. Of course, that won’t help her. The manager will have no choice but to fire him.

Karim will then go to Chloe’s to discuss Jim’s case and share his doubts with her. In addition to having stolen his beauty, we remind you thathe suspects him of having killed Marjorie.

At the same time, in “Tomorrow belongs to us” the mother of the young woman will testify to the police about their last discussion. His daughter had apparently confided in him thatshe was having a hard time with her husband’s extramarital affair. She had also mentioned a message left on her answering machine by Anna. Well !

Jim really seems in danger in “Tomorrow is ours”. But the police will have to act quickly in view of the complaint filed against Karim. Unfortunately, an event will interfere with their plan. Indeed, the body of the lover will be found inanimate by a passer-by who was walking with his dog. And you, what are your theories? Do you think Jim was guilty?

To find out what the survey will give you, La Rédaction de MCE TV will meet you Monday to Friday at 7:10 p.m. on TF1, for a brand new episode of your favorite soap opera: “Tomorrow belongs to us”. If you don’t have time, you can always opt for the replay.


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