Tomorrow belongs to us: Ingrid Chauvin reacts to the many departures!

In an interview with Télé Poche, actress Ingrid Chauvin reacted to the many departures of the TF1 series: Tomorrow belongs to us!

For several months now, the Tomorrow belongs to us series has faced many departures. Ingrid Chauvin has also reacted to them. But that’s not all. She gave info on the series.

Ingrid Chauvin disturbed by the departures of Tomorrow belongs to us

In an interview with Télé Poche, Ingrid Chauvin spoke on the departures and arrivals of Tomorrow belongs to us. She said: “I admit that the new changes are a little disturbing« .

Ingrid Chauvin (Tomorrow belongs to us) also added: “I had the feeling that I was starting a new project. I guess it’s all done for the good of the show but it’s thoughtfulr ». But that’s not all.

The actress also revealed “None of us is at the shelter of an exit« . With these many departures, she thinks it’s a good time to “Not having a big head, to stay motivated. And not to fall asleep on your laurels ”.

The actors of the TF1 series must therefore do their best to give the best of themselves in order to stay in the show. One thing is certain, there is some pressure. The pretty blonde also gave some info on the romance of her character with Alexandre Brasseur.

The two have also experienced a big rapprochement since the hostage-taking at Spoon. Ingrid Chauvin (Tomorrow belongs to us) confided: “It’s a little early to say that they will get back together”.

Before adding: “For the moment, they are a little torn between envy and guilt. They are responsible adults, they cannot do just anything ”. For her part, she prefers not to get too many ideas about this relationship.

Actress Ingrid Chauvin confides in Chloé

Ingrid Chauvin (Tomorrow belongs to us) explained: “Between what you hope for your own life and what fictional characters must experience to continue to gain public support, there is a gap ”.

Ingrid Chauvin (Tomorrow belongs to us) continued: “A couple in a series can love each other but not too long otherwise, we get bored very quickly. Chloe and Alex find their balance in a form of imbalance ».

About her character, the actress also balanced: “Anyway, when Chloe is too understanding, too perfect, she annoys. When she saw her feelings she takes it all in her teeth« .

Before continuing: “As if she had no right to take responsibility for your wishes and his impulses “. Subsequently, she also stated that the “Public reactions depend on the resonance that the story provokes in everyone’s life”.

Despite criticism of her character, Ingrid Chauvin (Tomorrow belongs to us) keep giving the best for the series. Present at the start of the show, she is still unanimous among her fans.

They are really very happy to find her every night in the TF1 series. Many also hope that she will stay for many years to come. She is truly a mainstay of the show.

It remains to be seen if Ingrid Chauvin will continue his adventure in Tomorrow belongs to us for a long time to come. Case to follow!