Tomorrow belongs to us: François unmasks the music teacher!

In the next episodes of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, on TF1, François will make a discovery about the music teacher.

François, the French teacher in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, doubts about Apollo, the music teacher. This is justified. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Francis will discover the truth about Apollo

It’s been a few days that François suspected Apollo, in “Tomorrow belongs to us”. According to the French teacher, he would have lied on his CV and would not be part of National Education.

And the least we can say is that it does seem not ready to let go. Indeed, in the continuation of your favorite soap opera, François will question the people around him, who are in direct contact with Apollo. We can mention in particular Irene, the CPE, or students present in her course.

But Francis will go even further by confronting Apollo. The latter will admit that he has no diploma authorizing him to practice as a music teacher. The French teacher had therefore been right from the start!

Insofar as he confesses everything and does a good job, François will consider that he is better not to say anything. If the French teacher hates injustice, he is not mean. After all, the most important thing is to bring added value to the students.

And you, do you think it is legitimate to let work a teacher with no diploma in which he teaches? MCE TV tells you more about the upcoming events in the series broadcast on TF1, “Tomorrow belongs to us”.

Tomorrow belongs to us: François unmasks the music teacher!
Tomorrow belongs to us: François unmasks the music teacher!

What happens in “Tomorrow belongs to us”?

Another intrigue keeps viewers in suspense in “Tomorrow belongs to us”. It is about Victory and his research on his donor. At the latest news, the young woman thinks it is Dimitri. She keeps seeing him in her dreams and visions.

In the rest of the series, she will meet him. So that means he’s alive and that he could not give her his heart. Being linked to him in one way or another, she will therefore allow herself to question him about another young woman who haunts her.

Very quickly, she will understand that it is Emilie Chaptal. This is Dimitri’s ex-lover. If he will recognize her, through the words and drawings of Victoire, he will assure that he has not heard from him for almost two years.

After some additional research, Victoire will learn that Emilie Chaptal is died shortly before her transplant and, therefore, that her heart has a good chance of beating in her.

She decides to talk to Dimitri, who will seem surprised, even shocked, by the news. In order to console him, Victoire will give her a kiss. But at that precise moment, she will have a vision of a woman bound and tortured. Ouch! They were only missing that !

She will therefore quickly make the connection. For her, it will be Emilie Chaptal and Dimitri could be his executioner. It remains to be seen whether this is a good deduction or, on the contrary, whether it is completely wrong.

We therefore advise you toto have the nerves well hooked, during the viewing of the next episodes of “Tomorrow belongs to us”. This promises many turnarounds.