Tomorrow belongs to us: Clément finally arrives at Agnès Varda high school!

In the sequel to “Tomorrow belongs to us” on TF1, Clément will indeed be accepted at Agnès Varda high school, by Chloé Delcourt.

While it seemed compromised, Clement will finally be able to go to high school Agnès Varda, in “Tomorrow belongs to us”. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Clément will receive the blessing of Chloé Delcourt

Recently, in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Clément discovered that he was suffering from juvenile absence from epilepsy. What even more jeopardize your schooling at Agnès Varda high school.

What’s more, you should know that the young man’s academic record is not very good. Indeed, the latter has received many reports, because he often behaves badly.

As you probably know, Irene begged Chloe Delcourt to tolerate Clément. Indeed, the CPE of Agnès Varda high school is very friend with her mother and wishes to help him.

In the sequel to “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Chloé Delcourt will therefore agree to meet Clément. He will play his number and pretend to be a little unhappy one. He will explain that if he behaved badly in the past, it is in particular because of his state of health.

Still, Chloé Delcourt will decide to give the young man a chance. She will believe that everyone has the right to make up for it after making mistakes. Hopefully he doesn’t ruin everything this time around! MCE TV tells you more about the rest of the events, in your favorite series: “Tomorrow belongs to us”.

Tomorrow belongs to us: Clément finally arrives at Agnès Varda high school!
Tomorrow belongs to us: Clément finally arrives at Agnès Varda high school!

The young man plays on several tables in “Tomorrow belongs to us”

This is nothing new. Clement is not straight in his sneakers. And this, even in his intimate relationships. Indeed, previously in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, the young man cheated on Garance with another girl.

But Clément is not smart. Indeed, Victoire (a friend of Garance) attended the show. Far from suspecting that the truth is in danger of breaking out, Clement continues to pretend nothing has happened with his girlfriend.

In the continuation of Dna, he will confide in her about his low morale. Indeed, the latter will be convinced that he suffers from an incurable disease and that, therefore, he will not live long.

Like the good girlfriend that she is, Garance will try to make him listen to reason. She will not stand the thought of losing him one day. But a little later, Victoire will finally decide to have a discussion with Garance. And this, in order to confess to him what she saw.

In order to clarify this story, Clément’s girlfriend will go directly to his home. Unfortunately, he will not be present on the premises.

Then she will fall on her mother, Lætitia, who will slam the door in her face. Something tells us that Garance won’t let it go ! In any case, we hope so.

We also hope that Clément will deign to confess his betrayal to him, so that the young woman can turn the page once and for all. The editorial staff of MCE TV will meet you Monday to Friday at 7:10 p.m. on TF1, for a new episode of your favorite soap opera: “Tomorrow belongs to us”. And therefore new adventures!