Tomorrow belongs to us: Chloe and Alex surprised in an intimate moment!

The temperature rises a notch in Tomorrow belongs to us! Alex and Chloe, the two exes, will be surprised in an intimate moment.

It’s hot… In the series Tomorrow belongs to us, the two protagonists Chloe and Alex are going to get closer again. MCE TV tells you more.

Chloe and Alex, exes who love each other

Flagship couple of the series Tomorrow belongs to us, Chloe and Alex had preferred to separate after several disputes. Yet they were very much in love when the launch of the series on TF1 in 2017.

The actors who are very friends in everyday life, then had to shoot on-screen dispute scenes. As they had confided to TV-Leisure, behind the scenes, these scenes were very hard to achieve, because of their solid friendship.

Separated in the series, the couple will get closer. Following the hostage-taking during the 1000ᵉ episode, the two lovebirds of Tomorrow belongs to us remembered their former life as a couple.

The 1000ᵉ episode was therefore ended with a kiss between Chloe and Alex. Since their exchanged kiss, the two characters have grown extremely close.

In an episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us, Chloe and Alex even did love in the hospital laundry room. Obviously, he and they have hidden this rapprochement from those around them.

In the columns of Tele-Leisure, the two actors, Ingrid Chauvin and Alexandre Brasseur returned to this kiss. “I was touched by the way in which this kiss radiated on our teams”, entrusted the interpreter of Alex in Tomorrow belongs to us. And Ingrid Chauvin to confirm : “For us too, it was a somewhat expected reunion, because we missed each other” … ” For one year “.

Tomorrow is ours - Chloe and Alex surprised in an intimate moment!
Tomorrow is ours – Chloe and Alex surprised in an intimate moment!

Chloe and Alex get closer in Tomorrow is ours

In an excerpt unveiled by MyTF1, Chloe and Alex are going dangerously close. On the images, the two exes do not hesitate to approach and feign a kiss.

Unfortunately, this rapprochement will end very quickly. Because they are going to be surprised by Raphaëlle who arrives without warning in the room. Embarrassed, the two exes who have each rebuilt their lives, therefore play a very dangerous game.

“It’s dangerous there, we will have to calm down”, Chloe warns, uncomfortable that Raphaëlle has caught her arguing with Alex. It must be said that this is not the first time that the two exes put the cover back.

Last week, in Tomorrow belongs to us, Chloe and Alex got together once again. This game is therefore starting to be known by some protagonists of the TF1 series.

Last year, the one who plays Chloé Delcourt in the series Tomorrow belongs to us confided to Télé Star that she did not know if it was really the end of her relationship with Alex. “From my point of view, this is not a clear and definitive break. I won’t say the same about Flore and Chloé ”, she added.

Fans of the couple formed by Chloe and Alex will therefore be delighted to learn that things are working out between them. But then, what will happen to their children?


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