Tomorrow belongs to us: Alex and Chloe are not going to get back together!

Following the hostage-taking, in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, fans of the series wonder if Alex and Chloe will put the cover back.

In the sequel to your favorite soap opera, “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”, Alex will set the record straight as to her relationship with her ex, Chloe. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Alex and Chloe, it’s over!

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Sylvain and Alex will meet for a coffee. This will be an opportunity for the two friends to talk again about the taking of hostages.

Sylvain and Alex will also talk about their personal life. The first will explain that he is fed up with Charlie. The second will come back to her rapprochement with her ex, after the tragic event.

Indeed, we remind you that Chloe and Alex exchanged a tender kiss after being released. But the father of the family will affirm that no turning back is possible.

“It won’t go any further. Everyone has regained their former life. And it is very well like that ”, he will launch to his friend. He will answer him that it is a pity, because they are a very nice couple.

It is true that Alex and Chloe were the emblematic couple of “Tomorrow belongs to us”. Corn Alex will continue his story with Flore. And Chloe with Xavier!

Speaking of Xavier, he will have to face the return of his ex-wife: Raphaëlle. The latter is about to disembark at his home to see his daughters, after the hostage-taking. MCE TV tells you more.

Tomorrow belongs to us: Alex and Chloe are not going to get back together!
Tomorrow belongs to us: Alex and Chloe are not going to get back together!

Sylvain will bury the gold ingot in “Tomorrow belongs to us”

Another plot is gaining momentum, in your favorite soap opera: “Tomorrow belongs to us”. This is the search for the gold bar. We remind you that this treasure was lost by the executioners who orchestrated the hostage-taking during their flight. Suffice to say that it is worth a lot of money.

Since locals discovered this crucial info in the newspaper, many of them are looking for it. Tonight, in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Dorian and Nathan will continue to go deeper into the forest.

But as they will not find anything, the two young men will take the opportunity to polish green spaces. As much as their displacement is useful for something.

During their excursion, they will come across the Roussel family, who have come to do the same thing as them. Then they will decide to team up, but it will not give anything more. Very quickly, they will decide to give up and go for the beach.

But not far from there, we will find Sylvain, very busy in his garden. An attitude that will surprise his wife Christelle, who is not used to seeing him gardening. The latter will explain to him that this allows him to evacuate, after the famous hostage-taking. But that will be a hell of a lie!

Further on, in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, we will see Sylvain burying the gold bar. Yes, it seems that he was faster than the others! Hope for him that no one falls on it.

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