Tomorrow belongs to us: a new tragedy will strike the Roussels!

The Roussel family will still be talked about in the sequel to your favorite soap opera: “Tomorrow belongs to us” (TF1).

While the Roussels thought they could live quietly, in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, a new tragedy will plunge them into nothingness. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

What will happen to the Roussel family?

If you are a fan of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, we hope that you have a good heart. Indeed, with each episode, there is a turnaround.

We can already tell you that, in the rest of the series, the Roussels will have to face a new ordeal. So, in the excerpt broadcast on MyTF1, we see Lizzie talking to her mother about the famous singing lessons she wants to take.

The young girl does not let go: she wants to fight in order to become a singer. A career choice that does not seem to please Audrey at all. Tone up.

In parallel, Jack and Jordan argue about a digital tablet. What even more annoying the mother who exclaims: “Oh both of you stop. Otherwise, the tablet, I sell it. And with the money, I buy myself a dress! “.

But if there’s one family member that’s bothering, it’s Leo. He asks the others to talk less loudly, while holding their heads. You will quickly understand that the young boy is not feeling well.

The mother does so and continues to chat with Lizzie, while making less noise. But that doesn’t change anything. Leo collapses to the ground and falls apart.

MyTF1 snippet ends with one of the two brothers who dial the emergency number on their phone. The Roussel family therefore risks having very complicated days in the sequel to “Tomorrow belongs to us”. MCE TV tells you more.

Tomorrow belongs to us: a new tragedy will strike the Roussels!
Tomorrow belongs to us: a new tragedy will strike the Roussels!

An emblematic character leaves “Tomorrow belongs to us”

Fans of “Tomorrow belongs to us” are forced to feel a certain emotion when they discover the episodes. It must be said that over the course of the episodes, they end up becoming attached to the characters and do not wish to see them suffer.

Viewers want to see them disappear even less. Unfortunately, it is very common for an actor to leave the series because it is written in the script.

The latest is Juliette Tresanini. As a reminder, the latter played Sandrine in “Tomorrow belongs to us”. But before going about her new occupations, the young woman made a point of addressing a wonderful message to those who followed her daily.

« There are people we would never want to leave. Meetings, places, memories that we will never be able to forget. Projects that transported us, characters who have lived in us», she wrote on her social networks.

Before adding: ” A little life, a page that is turned. It’s just goodbye friends, I love you. Already arrived the beginning of another life. I’ll tell you all about it very soon! We do not let go. “. Yes, the actors of “Tomorrow belongs to us” never leave us completely. Stay connected !


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