Tomorrow belongs to us: a new murder will occur in Sète?

The next plot of Tomorrow is ours is likely to thrill fans of the series. There will soon be another murder.

Following Tomorrow belongs to us promises to be rich in twists and turns. Indeed, it seems that a new murder is on the verge of come and disrupt the city of Sète. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z! Please note that this article may contain SPOILERS.

The dead are linked in Tomorrow belongs to us

It has been barely 5 years since Tomorrow belongs to us has taken over the small screen and the series is already part of favorite achievements of the French.

However, competition is fierce in the field of soaps. More beautiful life, Here everything begins, Such a bright sun. Soaps are more and more numerous on French-speaking channels.

And the least we can say is that TF1 has succeeded in its bet to become number 1 in the dissemination of creations of the genre. Indeed, the Bouygues group has something to boast about its success.

And this, thanks to the work of the screenwriters. Eh yes ! They give everything in their power to keep aficionados in suspense. A task that is far from easy.

The intrigues are therefore linked relentlessly in Tomorrow belongs to us. Lately, so it’s the hostage-taking which caused a sensation among viewers.

Ophelia and Anthony had made the decision to to rebel against the inhabitants of Sète. The goal ? Have them dig in turn to find a real treasure hidden in the Spoon’s cellar.

Unfortunately, this new plot had brought its share of problems. Notably the death of Odysseus who succumbed to his wounds once at the hospital.

But as the hostage-taking is finally over and the police continue their investigation, it seems that a new murder is about to turn the city upside down. MCE TV tells you more!

The murder of a new protagonist

For the start of the school year, it seems that a whole new business is about to start in Tomorrow belongs to us. Indeed, the channel has indeed teased the imminent arrival of the story “Such a perfect boy. “

And this, on the Instagram account of the series. A new investigation that risks putting viewers in turmoil. Notably because of the death of a whole new character.

For the time being, no additional information was given. Still, it looks like the show’s episodes are already set to shock aficionados over the murder.

In the video posted on the TF1 website, we can already see Martin, staring blankly, observing the scientific police close the body bag over the victim’s face.

“Martin is at the scene of a crime scene. The victim’s body is transported by the PTS. Who could it be? “ This is what the channel wrote under the images

In any case, one thing is certain, is that fans of Tomorrow belongs to us are already looking forward to being able watch this new plot. To be continued…