Tomorrow belongs to us: a new character arrives in the series!

According to information from Allo Ciné, it seems that a new character is about to land in Sète for Tomorrow belongs to us!

Tomorrow Belongs To Us fans have witnessed several departures from the series. Some have not understood why several actors had deserted the show. Fortunately, a new character should arrive soon.

Departures and arrivals in Tomorrow belongs to us

In an interview with Télé Poche this summer, Ingrid Chauvin reacted to the many departures from Tomorrow belongs to us. She confessed: “I admit that the new changes are a bit disturbing”.

The actress of Tomorrow belongs to us also added: “I felt like I was starting a new project. I guess it’s all for the good of the show. Corn it makes you think« . But that’s not all.

Ingrid Chauvin also explained “none of us is safe from going out”. For her part, she advised “not to have a big head. Of residual motifs. And not to fall asleep on its laurels”.

It would therefore seem that some actors took their presence in the series for granted. Fortunately, other characters have landed to much to the delight of fans. This is particularly the case of Xavier Deluc but also Victoria Abril.

Known for her role in Clem, the actress is very popular with the public. She also embodies the role of Rebecca Flores in Tomorrow belongs to us. She also hides a very big secret to his daughter Raphaëlle, whom she met recently.

The plot around Raphaëlle in the show keeps all the fans in suspense. The young woman is also on the verge of discovering the secret that her relatives have been hiding for several years now.

A new baby sitter for Celeste

If the fans of Tomorrow belongs to us follow the story of Rebecca and Raphaëlle carefully, they are also very focused on the Delcourt family. According to information from Allo Ciné, a new character should join the family.

According to our colleagues, this new character from Tomorrow belongs to us should play the role of Andrea. The latter would be Celeste’s next babysitter. And according to Allo Ciné, it is Aurélien Foubert who will lend his features to this new character.

As a reminder, Mona has resumed her studies in high school. She plans to pass the baccalaureate to Agnès Varda. Chloe and Alex will have to find another babysitter for their little girl Celeste. So they go call on Andrea.

While Alex does not seem to trust the latter, he will quickly realize that he is essential to the family. Allo Ciné has also revealed that the actor is already on the filming of Tomorrow belongs to us.

He would have shot his very first scenes for the TF1 series. However, the channel gave no information about this new recruit. For his part, Aurélien Foubert also did not speak to announce this news on social networks.

According to the media, he should land on screens during the month. It will still be necessary to show patience before knowing more about its place in Tomorrow belongs to us. One thing is certain, this arrival will bring pep to the series. Case to follow!


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