Tomorrow belongs to us: a key figure is leaving Sète!

An emblematic character from the Tomorrow belongs to us series is about to leave Sète! We’ll give you more details.

An emblematic character Tomorrow belongs to us is about to leave Sète! MCE TV tells you everything.

Who is going to leave Sète?

This last week of October is likely to upset the course of the plot of the famous French series. Indeed, an emblematic character of the Tomorrow series belongs to us is about to leave Sète!

But who is it? Attention, the following paragraphs contain numerous spoilers. Indeed, we reveal to you what awaits you in the continuation of your series, Tomorrow belongs to us!

For the more curious, you have come to the right place! In an extract published on MyTF1, the French channel reveals the departure of a character from the series.

Enough of the suspense… we’ll show you who it is! It is actually Sandrine. Indeed, the young woman is preparing to leave Sète for Guadeloupe. As a reminder, she was back in France to support Victoire.

Moreover, the short video reveals their last moments together. Victoire takes the opportunity to thank Sandrine for being there for her. ” It’s normal. I love you so much “ Sandrine confides to him.

The young woman adds that she regrets not be able to do more. Victoire therefore tries to reassure her. “But don’t worry. I manage very well on my own. ” assures the pretty blonde.

Moreover, the latter confides to him that she even has a date in the afternoon! “Oh no that’s not cool. I want to know everything and I would be right over the Atlantic Ocean! “ Sandrine then launches disappointed not to be able to follow everything very closely.

Tomorrow belongs to us: a key figure is leaving Sète!

In the continuation of Tomorrow belongs to us

Sandrine therefore leaves Sète in the next episode of Tomorrow belongs to us. Victoire takes advantage of her last moments with her to confide in her that she is going to a date in the afternoon.

Sandrine is a little disappointed to have to wait to arrive in Guadeloupe to find out everything. “I want all the details by SMS” she asks Victoire. And this last promises her that she will!

Sandrine can’t help but show his enthusiasm following this news! Besides, she even gets carried away a little. “If so, he’s the man of your life!” If it is, you will come with him to Guadeloupe to see me! “ she says.

Victoire, for her part, tries to calm her down by telling her that it is only a simple one-night stand. But Sandrine remains convinced that the young woman is playing the tough guys. While deep down she is a great romantic.

Victoire doesn’t want to give this story too much hope. Indeed, she thinks that the man she will meet will surely freak out when he goes to see his scar. “But no, I’m sure not. “ reassures her Sandrine. “And never forget how beautiful you are. ” she adds.

The two young women give each other a last hug before Sandrine’s taxi arrives to take her to the airport. “And if you need anything, you call me and I come back.” she adds before leaving. The rest of Tomorrow belongs to us promises to be very emotional! Stay tuned, up close.


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