To speed up your Mac, this tool is perfect (and it is -60% for life)

Macs are known to be fast computers. In a few seconds, you turn on the machine and you are on the desktop. However, over time they tend to slow down and this can get frustrating quickly. One of the reasons is none other than the hard drive which is filling up and which penalizes the performance of the Mac.

Faced with this, there are two programs that are recognized in the world, reliable, and which can really speed up your Mac: CleanMyMac which is published by MacPaw and the Washing Machine which is published by Intego. The latter displays for a few days a shock discount that cannot be refused.

The Washing Machine is on sale for the first time as a lifetime license: it is € 19.99 instead of € 49.99. It’s a one-time cost and then you can use it without limit for the life of your Mac. For comparison, CleanMyMac is sold as an annual license at € 39.99 per year. The price difference is huge, although the service is similar.

I take the offer

Do not believe that the price will remain as such: it is an exceptional flash offer for the start of the school year. Intego has no interest in selling software at one-time cost. In the rest of its product line, none are sold for life like this Washing Machine. All are sold as an annual subscription. It has become a standard in the industry.

A quoi sert la Washing Machine ?

For those who have had a Mac computer that has been slowing down for a while, the Washing Machine is a solution that can easily speed it up by half. Applications can also launch up to 3 times faster, and your disk space can gain valuable gigabytes of storage. For those whose machine is still relatively fast, this software is an insurance to make it last longer in the duration.

Concretely, what can the Washing Machine do? This software will regularly scan the content on the hard drive. It will then come and suggest to the user to delete certain files to free up space: those which are obsolete, those for translation, duplicates etc. Its intelligent analysis tool (which is updated on a regular basis) manages to identify all unnecessary content.

We invite you to test this software because it costs only € 19.99 for life. Its big rival CleanMyMac is € 39.99 per year, so you can imagine the difference. In addition, the Washing Machine benefits from a 30-day trial period. This allows you to do a first scan and a first cleaning. You will realize how effective this tool is.

As you can read on the Washing Machine page, Intego also offers this software as part of its prestigious Mac Premium Bundle. The latter includes the Mac cleaner, its antivirus (by which it has gained all its notoriety), a back-up tool and a tool for parental control. This full pack is priced at € 29.99 per year instead of € 84.99. This is an annual license, but well worth it.

IF you just want to speed up your Mac, the Washing Machine is a perfect tool. The price is ridiculous and its efficiency is maximum. If now you want to have total protection for your Mac, the Intego bundle is the benchmark on the market. Of course, it is more expensive in the long run, but it has the advantage of protecting all your data. However, you can start with the Washing Machine and then upgrade to the bundle if you are happy with the software.

To discover the Washing Machine, it’s here:

I take the offer


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