to its customers, Boursorama presents an insolent bonus

Update September 20, 2022 : Boursorama Banque has put an end to its Pink Weekend. Good news, you can still receive 130 euros to open a free, non-binding account with the special code BRSMBA. This remains an excellent bonus offered by online banking, it would be a shame to miss it. It will drop to 50 or 80 euros in a few days at most.

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Boursorama Banque leaves no room for competition on the French market. The most dynamic online bank on the market is enough to shake traditional banks and other neo-banks. To start the new school year with a bang, it also credits its new customers with an exceptional bonus: 150 euros. This is in addition to the fact that it has also been the cheapest establishment on the market for 14 years already.

Opening an account with her only takes 5 minutes and it’s free. To be eligible for this bonus, simply enter the PWEMBA code in the dedicated field.

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Each Pink Weekend is an event for online banking. They are very rare and the French take the opportunity to open an account there. This is the best time because the bank promises a boosted welcome bonus. Apart from these one-off highlights, Boursorama Banque restricts its premium to an amount between 50 and 80 euros. So you have a higher amount here – provided you subscribe before tonight, September 12 at midnight.

What is the counterpart of these 150 euros of gift? None. Boursorama does not ask you to prove a certain level of income, and it does not ask you to make it a main account. Online banking just wants you to try their service. And she is convinced that over time, you will eventually be convinced by her banking offer for everyday use.

Why Boursorama is so successful

In France, 4 million people have an account with Boursorama Banque. At this speed (more than 100,000 new customers per month), online banking will soon position itself among the largest banks in France. To succeed in her challenge, she had to work even harder than the others. Despite the absence of physical agencies, she offers a compromise that leaves no one indifferent.

The first thing, is that the bank is totally free for everyday use. His current account is free and his Ultim card too. The latter is similar to a Visa Premier (on insurance and guarantees) and it allows you to have payments which are free and unlimited throughout the world. All withdrawals are free in euros and the first three withdrawals in foreign currencies are free.

If we compare Boursorama Banque to neo-banks (Revolut, N26) on payment, there is no comparison: online banking is unbeatable. Neo-banks are now forcing customers to open a paid account there, which is not the case with Boursorama. In addition, the latter offers a range of banking products that goes well beyond the simple bank card. It is a complete service like in a basic bank.

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It is on this point that we can compare Boursorama with traditional banks: its product range is close to that of the latter. In addition to payment, you also have solutions for savings, the stock market, loans or even insurance. Boursorama Banque is also expanding its audience with special offers for young people. You can make online banking a primary bank account, without any concessions.

Finally, Boursorama Banque knew that it was leaving with a disadvantage compared to network banks (which sometimes have thousands of branches). However, it makes up for it very well: its customer support is very responsive and it is available over extended hours by phone (10 p.m. in the evening, and on Saturdays). So you can get support at any time without having to struggle with your customer advisor. Boursorama is ranked number 1 on the Customer Relations Podium.

Boursorama Banque does not need to offer a bonus of 150 euros to attract new customers: every year you save around 200 euros in bank charges. Why is she organizing a Pink Weekend? Because it just wants to maintain and strengthen its growth – and give added weight to those who hesitate to take the plunge. They can just test the service and form their own opinion.

A bounty with 3 logical parts

Boursorama is very flexible on the allocation of its Pink Weekend welcome bonus. That said, it requires 3 different steps to fully unlock it. The first part (20 euros) requires you to activate your checking account. To do this, you just have to fill out the form and activate your account: fast. Then, the following 80 euros are offered when you click on the order button of the bank card. Again: fast and free.

The last part is conditioned by the use of the EasyMove mobility service. This service is free and provided by Boursorama Banque. It allows you to repatriate your banking products from an external bank to online banking. Everything is handled by customer support, you just have to follow the progress of things. To unlock the 50 euros for this step, you must use it once within 12 months after opening your account.

The Pink Weekend takes place a few times a year, but the period is always limited. It always runs from Friday morning to Monday evening – and not a day more. If you want to optimize your online bank account opening, you still have a few hours left. Boursorama Banque with its 150 euros puts all the competition in the wind: no one gives such generous bonuses. And no bank is cheaper than it.

To discover Boursorama Banque’s offer, it’s here:

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