To Finish The Light’s Watch Side Dungeon In Diablo 4, Do The Following

To Finish The Light’s Watch Side Dungeon In Diablo 4, Do The Following:

Light’s Watch was a dungeon in Diablo 4 that you can find in the Fractured Peaks area. There are enemies like arsonists, werewolves, as well as marauders in this prison.

There are also traps in this cave that will hold you captive in place, so always be aware of where you are.

Dungeons are small pockets of hostile people in a world that is already dangerous. You can find dungeons all over Sanctuary. They appear on your map alongside gate symbols and often look like ruins or holes.

Most of the time, you’ll have to fight to get through these evil lairs while finishing different tasks. At the end, you’ll usually have to fight the dungeon boss.

When you defeat enemies and open boxes in dungeons, you’ll get more than just loot. You’ll also get an aspect that is special to that dungeon and can be used to boost your gear.

This page talks about the “Light’s Watch” icon dungeon within Diablo 4, including where to find it, how to finish its goals, and how to beat the boss at the end of the dungeon.

The Light’s Watch Side Dungeon serves as one of the harder extra tasks you can do early on in your Diablo 4 journey. It is in the southern part of the Fractured Peaks.

There are thieves, monsters, and vampires everywhere. All of these types of enemies come in large groups that test your ability to stay alive.

On top of that, Light’s Watch’s boss can be a tough test of your gear, especially if you discover the Dungeon before you’ve learned your class.

How To Make It Through Light’s Watch:

First of all, I don’t think you should go into the Light’s Watch Side Dungeon till you’re level 15. At that point, you’ll have some protection from barriers, lifesteal, and some slightly improved drinks, as well as a few pieces of Rare weapons that will assist you get through.

I went into the Dungeon to play Sorcerer, as well as Ice Barrier helped me a lot because it had a short cooldown and could block even the hardest hits.

In Light’s Watch, almost every fight has a few enemies with bows, and the passageways can get extremely narrow, so try to kill the mobs on the edges first so you don’t get hit by an arrow.

In order to move forward in the Dungeon, you have to beat two Watchmen. These are big Elite bandit foes alongside a lot of health and the power to take away half of your health with a single swing. They also have a lot of smaller friends who help them.

There are also other Elites roaming around, but the ones you’re required to kill are marked clearly above their life bars.

How tT Get To The Light’s Watch Dungeon:

Icon for “Light’s Watch” A dungeon called Light’s Watch is between the “Kyovashad” signs. South of Kyovashad and south of Margrave. The collapse of this fortress is especially scary because of its name and where it is.

The light obviously has weak spots, and if it can’t hold a defence position just south from the region’s most crowded city, what is safe? You can go into this area whenever you want, but the side adventure Legacies of Lights Watch has a lot to do with it, as the name suggests.

Since you must clear out a lot of the cave to finish this side mission, you could as well start it prior to you try to get the “Light’s Watch” symbol. Light’s Watch cave.

Light’s Watch How To Finish:

Light’s Watch is a pretty straight Dungeon, so you should be good with no problems as you move towards places that aren’t yet on the map.

When you reach a dead end in the Dungeon, it will always loop back to the primary path, if it doesn’t, it’s easy to go backwards to get to the way forward.

Again, to get through the locked entrance at the middle of the Dungeon, you’ll need to beat two special Watchmen enemies.

Since Diablo 4’s dungeons are randomly made, it’s hard to say where you’ll find yours. Our plan won’t match yours, as well as neither will the specifics of Watchman bouts.

The Watchmen move slowly, are big, and are easy to kite surrounding the field, but they hit hard. If you can take his harm for just a few seconds, you can cut at least half of his health bar with a less-than-ideal setting.

The bigger threat within the initial Watchman fight is the other upgraded Elite that emerges with him.

Mine made freeze zones, so watch out for whatever tricks yours might try. Both Watchmen were near to the locked entrance in the middle of the Dungeon when I ran it, so you shouldn’t have to look too far.

Once you get through the locked door, it’s not too hard to get to the boss, a big monster named Den Mother. Fighting her is a different story, but our help on how to defeat her has all the information you need.

How To Beat The Den Mother:

Your goal is to reach “Light’s War Room,” which is also the area where you’ll fight the “Den Mother” symbol dungeon boss.

This is a persistent enemy that focuses on physical attacks. It doesn’t do a lot of damage on every attack, but it’s happy to just swing at you as you chip away at your health bar.

Stronger classes, such as the Barbarian, are capable of going toe-to-toe with her. They can take her normal claw takes but only back off when she raises back, which means she’s getting ready for a rush of multiple attacks.

She may additionally pound the ground over and over to make spots of red miasma appear on the battlefield, which ought to be avoided as well. Lastly, she will sometimes disappear for a short time before coming back, sometimes with “Winter Hunter” enemies, that are essentially wargs, to help her.

You can find a more thorough guide on the website, but you ought to be fine so long as you don’t stand and fight her and don’t linger in the mist she makes.

As usual, she gets more dangerous as her health bar goes down. Save your ultimate hits for the last third of her health bar to end the fight quickly when she is at the most dangerous.


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