Tinder presents its virtual currency, to find love

Tinder has just lifted the veil on a novelty where it will not be a question of love but of money. This month, Australian users will be the first to experience Tinder’s virtual currency, which the app just announced today. A way to make users stay even longer on one of the most popular dating apps. Ready to swiper ?

The perfect match, just a swipe away

Using its own currency, Tinder hopes to keep its users and monetize those who do not subscribe to its premium versions, called Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. Indeed, if the dating application is free, it runs mainly thanks to “Freemium”. These paid versions, which are not compulsory, allow subscribers to take advantage of advanced features to increase their chances of finding “the right match”.

The company’s chief financial officer, Gary Swidler, said the parts “Will play an important role as the Tinder experience evolves and becomes more immersive, as virtual currency is useful in the context of offering digital goods”.

While the app offers subscriptions ranging from around $ 8 to $ 30 per month, many users don’t necessarily want to commit, not even for a single month. So, to monetize non-subscribers, Tinder introduces its own digital currency thanks to which it will be possible to make purchases on an ad hoc basis.

Thereby, users will be able to increase the possibility of finding their perfect match. How? ‘Or’ What ? By using Super Likes and Boost, paid features of the app that are supposed to make the user stand out from the crowd.

Good news : active users will be rewarded. Indeed, Tinder will promote the people who make the success of the application by offering them a certain amount of in-app currency as a gift.

As in many games that use the same model, this fake currency can also be acquired with hard cash, for once. With successful first tests last spring, Tinder has chosen to implement this idea this fall. It seems like its users are more inclined than ever to pull out their wallets to find love.

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Tinder continues to reinvent itself

According to Tinder, this virtual currency will play an important role in the evolution of the experience on the application, making it even more immersive. Australia will be the first country to benefit from this innovation, starting this month. But don’t plan to call it “cryptocurrency” or compare it to Bitcoin. Tokens created on the app will only be for the app and will have no exchange value for other products. Then, these tokens are not based on any Blockchain technology.

But it seems obvious that the dating application wants to continue to innovate to keep its users, and keep them satisfied. In one year, with the start of the pandemic, the application has reinvented itself into a more immersive experience and a reinforced importance on the intellectual rather than the physical. Tinder already presented big changes last month with the “Explore” tab, freshly available on the application.



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