Time, Tasks, And Rewards For Helltides In Diablo 4

Time, Tasks, And Rewards For Helltides In Diablo 4:

In Diablo IV, there is a chance that a special world occasion called a “Helltide” will happen at certain places in Sanctuary. However, players may only see these upon their map for a brief period, giving them a chance to get rare prizes.

During a Helltide, the troops of evil invade the world in a big way, giving players much stronger enemies from which to get gear and XP. It can be quite a bit of work to keep track of these events, which only happen on harder levels.

When you finish the story in Diablo 4, that’s not the conclusion of your game. When you finish each Act in Diablo 4, you’ll get access to a wide range of end-game events as well as more difficult World Tier challenges that will help you push your build even further.

One of these activities is the Helltide, which pits your character in opposition to the forces of Hell to acquire gifts for your character’s spot and Forgotten Souls.

The Helltide areas in Diablo 4 constitute a component of the endgame. Some of the greatest benefits can be found in these timed tasks. So, here’s everything players require to know regarding the Helltide regions:

What’s The Helltide?

The Helltide is a one-hour-long unique world occurrence that turns a part of Sanctuary into a terrible place.

Helltide zones have demon enemies, meteors that can hurt you, and the monster level of everything within the zone is two levels higher than your character’s level.

If your character has reached level 50, for example, every monster in Helltide is going to be a minimum of level 52. When you kill monsters during the Helltide, you get Aberrant Cinders, a special cash that you can only get and use during the Helltide.

You can use these cinders to open Tortured Chests, which are found all over the Helltide area and always contain things for a certain slot. Tortured Amulet chests always drop amulets, Tortured Weapons chests always land weapons, etc.

Once the Helltide is over, your Aberrant Cinders will no longer work, so be sure to put away all of the money you’ve saved before the Helltide ends.

During a Helltide, there is a high chance that foes and boxes will drop Forgotten Souls, which can be utilised to improve Sacred as well as Ancestral items.

To fully improve your character’s items, you’ll require dozens of Forgotten Souls, so it’s important to farm the Helltide when it shows up.

How To Get Into Helltide:

To get to Helltides, you have to get to World Tier 3, which you can do when you reach level 50, finish the main storyline, and beat the Capstone Dungeon. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to do Helltides and other ending tasks.

How To Find A Helltide Area:

A Diablo 4 Helltide area is pretty easy to spot. When you open the map, if you see a blood-red area, you’ll know that’s where you can do this special thing. On your way there, you’ll meet some really hard monsters and get some really great prizes.

Also, you can only get rare making materials such as the Fiend Rose in the Helltide areas. You will now get Abberant Cinders whenever you finish an event in the area or beat a monster.

But there are two things you need to do before you can access the Helltide areas. You have to finish the mission first. Then you’ll have to get to World Tier 3. Helltides can only be utilized in World levels 3 as well as higher.

How To Join In With Helltides:

You have to be within the region that is impacted when a Helltide occurs, and by the end of the game, you ought to have Waypoints close by so you are able to get there quickly.

During a Helltide, the main thing you will do is gather a rare coin called Aberrant Cinders. This currency is only going to disappear during the Helltide, which means it must be utilized throughout that same Helltide.

What’s In It For Me?

You can get this cash by almost anything you do in the area. This includes killing monsters, going to world events, facing Elites, as well as clearing a Stronghold. In the top right corner of your UI, you can see how many Aberrant Cinders you have.

You can get this cash pretty fast by doing global occurrences as well as killing Elites in the affected area. If you would like to make the the majority out of the Helltide, you should focus on these two things. It’s important to know that if you die during a Helltide, you will forfeit 50% of your Aberrant Cinders.

Helltide Rewards As Well As Chest:

When you have enough Aberrant Cinders, you can use them to open Tortured Gifts.

These prize boxes are all over the area. Players can get loot and materials from the trunks by opening them. You’ll need to shell out your Aberrant Cinders to open them, and each chest will cost a different amount.

These are priced at $75, $125, $150, and $175. As for the boxes, each one will have a different name that tells players what they might find inside.

For example, a Tortured Gift of Light Weaponry will deliver a with one hand weapon, but the type of weapon will be random. This makes this occasion very useful if you need a certain type of weapon or piece of gear for your build. These are the gifts you’re able to find:

You should try to find the Tortured Gift of Mysteries because it has the best benefits and a higher chance of giving you Legendary, Unique, or rare gear.

They don’t show appear on a map until you’re very close, and they’re usually a little hard to find, so you’ll probably have to look around a bit. This event additionally serves as the sole means by which to obtain the material needed to make the Fiend Rose, which is a very important end-game item.


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