TikTok will release an album with the app’s best hits!

TikTok has good news for its fans. And for good reason, the platform will release an album with the app’s best hits.

TikTok has a big surprise for its subscribers. And it’s nothing to say, the network will be released shortly, a album with the best hits of the app. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The TikTok phenomenon

It is no longer useful to present the Chinese social network. And for good reason, in the four corners of the globe, everyone knows TikTok. Especially the Youngs.

Indeed, teenagers are the main users of the app. Which explains why she’s a hit at this point. By the way, TikTok is become a real addiction for some.

But, like all successful things, there are always malicious people trying to stir up trouble. So, TikTok decided to take the bull by the horns.

Thus, the Chinese giant announced that it was going to do its best to protect subscribers from ads hidden. Yes, because there are more and more of them.

Afterwards, there is always a subject that is debated. These are the tips on the app that are not always good to follow. One thing is sure, examples are not lacking.

Two days ago, a slimming drink was once again singled out. That said, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

But, if there is one thing that characterizes TikTok the most, it is the songs. Yes, because all trends are always accompanied by sounds.

So for all the addicts of the social network, the latter has a surprise in store for them. Thus, TikTok has planned to release a album with the best hits of the app. MCE TV tells you more!

An album with the best hits

In recent days, TikTok has the right to a lot of new things. To the delight of subscribers to the Chinese social network.

Indeed, there is a challenge that is a hit on the app, le Flower Summer Cup. For once, this is a benevolent trend.

But, that’s not the only surprise TikTok has planned to offer its followers. And for good reason, following its success, the social network decided to leave an album with the app’s best hits. Just that !

This Friday, TikTok, announced the release of its first world album. The latter is titled, TikTok Classics – meme & viral hits. Something to intrigue network subscribers.

Thus, the latter has no less than eighteen titles, the most popular on the platform. All performed by a symphony orchestra.

To release such a project, TikTok was not alone. In fact, the social network has partnered with Warner Classics.

The Chinese giant has also asked for help from the Babelsberg Film Orchestra, based in Potsdam, Germany to play the most famous hits. Such an atypical and ambitious project.

For the moment the album is not yet available. Indeed, this latest is expected to release from August 2022. But, for those who wish, extracts are already available to subscribers on the app.


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