TikTok: the hashtag #writtenbyaman already viral in a few hours!

The #writtenbyaman hashtag goes viral on TikTok in just a few hours! We’ll give you more details.

Le hashtag #writtenbyaman goes viral on TikTok! MCE TV tells you more.

New trend on TikTok

This week again saw the emergence of a new trend on TikTok. As often, a simple video on the social network can be to be the start of a whole movement.

If you are a TikTok user or even an Instagram user for that matter, you are surely aware of the very latest trend of the moment. Written by a man, written by a man is indeed the trend of the moment on the Chinese social network.

As the name suggests, the concept is pretty straightforward. Users, especially young women, blatantly laugh at the way men imagine female roles in a fiction.

Quite often this gives rise to very unreliable and ridiculous situations. And if you watch one of those buzzing videos right now you you will surely say “Ah, but it’s true!” “.

For this trend, tiktokers have highlighted a phenomenon quite common in literature. Indeed, female characters are often sexualized. Or in any case, are described quite unrealistically.

And of course it’s from the gaze of a man who focuses so on physical appearance of the female character. Even when she’s doing the most mundane task.

Internet users seem to be well inspired for this new trend. They were very numerous to show to what extent women are not very credible in certain fictions.

TikTok: the hashtag #writtenbyaman already viral in a few hours!

Stop the male gauze

The concept of this new TikTok trend is therefore rather simple. You just have to film yourself by portraying a cliché female character, written by a man. And that we could therefore find in a bad movie, book or series!

And as much to say that TikTok users have not lacked inspiration. In most cases, and no matter the situation, the female character will be shown in a very sexy way. Even while doing the dishes!

Thus, the new trend that is creating the buzz on the content creation app denounces the sexualization of women in fiction. Writers therefore have better watch out. Or just change their point of view and write a good female character who sticks more to reality.

This new trend therefore humorously denounces male gauze. As a reminder, male gauze is a concept which designates the image of women imposed on the public through a male perspective.

Thus, we represent the woman as we would see her from the point of view of a heterosexual man. Suffice to say that the clichés accumulate on that side. And quite often women do not identify not to these imaginary characters.

This new trend of the social network therefore wants to denounce the gaze of men on women. Moreover, consuming art that women have created may be a solution to have a better view on female characters. Here is a new buzz that may well generate a lot of ink. Stay tuned, up close.