TikTok: the envelope challenge saves money!

To save money as it should, go to TikTok with this great challenge that allows you to keep your money!

In this period of inflation, how to proceed to succeed in saving money? On the TikTok platform, you can find a great solution! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Solutions to fight against inflation?

Since the war in Ukraine, the cost of living in France has exploded. Inflation jumped to 5.2% in 2022 against 1.6% in 2021. The director general of INSEE Jean-Luc Tavernier then speaks of an explosion:

“+ 5.2% for all households, + 6% for the poorest 20% of households (this is the index used for indexing the minimum wage). And, energy leads the dance: + 23.1% on annual average in 2022, + 29% for petroleum products alone, + 41% for gas despite the tariff shield”.

So the question ariseshow to save money ? On the TikTok social network, there are plenty of solutions to help students who are increasingly penalized.

TikTok users share by example several information on aids. For example, we learn that the associations have received 10 million euros. The goal ? Fund 300,000 food shopping parcels until the end of winter.

But that’s not all ! For several weeks on TikTok, many have shared the “envelope challenge”. It is then a technique that allows you to save money without depriving yourself!

But then the question arises, in what consists this famous “envelope challenge” on TikTok? We tell you more below!

@sarahbudget Challenge of 100 envelopes to save 5050€ 🤩 I show you how I plan to do it. Who does it with me? #budget #envelopechallenge #budget envelope #budget envelope

TikTok offers you a solution to save money

On the TikTok social network, we therefore find the “envelope challenge” which allows everyone to have the right solution to manage their budget. This comes at the right time because inflation is so high that theThe wallet empties in no time.

On TikTok, we teach you how to put money aside for great projects. Perfect if you have the ambition to buy a house, or a car. This “envelope challenge” is very good because it encourages you to put aside.

We know it is not easy! Especially for people who hate the idea of ​​depriving themselves every month. So TikTok users are pushing you to succeed in this challengeand helping you set a goal.

For example, you can choose how much you want to save. You can then set a date. For example, you have the option of planning 4 months to save some money.

Say you want to save over 20 days. Our colleagues from Oh my Mag advise you to take envelopes and number them to select one or two envelopes each week.

Then, Oh My Mag specify that it is necessary to place “the amount indicated above. This is the number on the empty envelope. This fun and simple technique has already proven itself with some TikTok users. »

Many Internet users play the game. According to the comments, they manage to save a large sum of money thanks to this technique! Once again, it’s a successful challenge on TikTok!


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