TikTok sued after the tragic death of a 10-year-old child!

An American family files a complaint against Tiktok! She believes that the death of her little girl is due to errors in the social network.

Tiktok sued by a family from the USA after the death of a little girl! While the little one was spending time on the app, she saw a “for you” on the “scarf game”. She wanted to try, and choked. MCETV explains everything to you.

The family complains

Because the “scarf game” is often the subject of awareness. This is’a “game” where the goal is to choke. The “goal” is to lose consciousness. Or to stop just before. This is what Nylah Anderson, 10, in the United States, wanted to try to do.

Looking at Tiktok, she indeed comes across a video showing this game of « blackout ». Her parents bring her unconscious to the hospital.. But the little girl dies of her injuries. Five months later, his parents decide to take legal action.

They believe that their daughter should never have come across this video. The social network has however promoted the video in the #ForYou. This is how they decided to file a complaint, accusing the platform of having put the child in danger.

The lawyer, in a complaint relayed by Bloomberg, indeed believes that “Tiktok’s algorithm determined that the ‘headscarf game’ was a good fit, and likely to interest 10-year-old Nylah Anderson. And she died as a result. »

A way, therefore, to point out the flaws in monitoring the social network. All the more so at this time, when voices are raised in all countries to warn of the “Labello Challenge”. A challenge that could cause suicides among young people.

Tiktok: what response to the complaint?

This is, what is worse, the second death of a child after the “scarf game”. In 2021, in Italy, a little girl as old as 10 years old suffered the same sad fate as Nylah Anderson. In responsethe country has banned the app for children under 13 years old.

At the time, Tiktok had focused its defense on a game that had already been infamous for years. Indeed, children have already perished in the same circumstances in France. Some deaths even date from the 90s. Long before social networks.

The social network therefore replied that “this disturbing challenge (…) is long before our platform« . But this observation was also accompanied by a promise to better filter dangerous challenges. But the Nylah Anderson case shows that there are still flaws…

The family of the little girl from Philadelphia therefore filed a complaint against Tiktok. But also against its parent company, ByteDance. The case of the little Italian girl who died in the same tragic circumstances thus risks being part of the terrible file.

They plead thus the “marketing of a defective product”. But also the ” neglect “. Clearly, the app has agreed to publish dangerous content. And, according to the lawyers, did not do his job to prevent a girl from falling on it.

The complaint, filed on May 12, is likely to cause a stir in the United States. While some tutorials may turn out to be less effective than expectedeven boring, other games can cause irreparable damage. Tiktok will therefore have to find the limit to avoid tragedies.


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