TikTok star dies live after fall from 48 meters

With his community of over 100,000 people, Xiao Giumei had a growing popularity on TikTok. But the young Chinese videographer had a fatal fall as she filmed herself from the top of the crane in which she worked.

Xiao Qiumei

She had made a name for herself on TikTok by going behind the scenes of her job as a crane operator. Xiao Qiumei, a 23-year-old crane operator, could thus boast of having 100,000 subscribers to her credit on the social network. But she unfortunately lost her life after a heavy fall on July 20. As reported The Sun, the Chinese videographer was filming herself in front of the camera when she fell from the crane.

And the media to indicate that witnesses had seen the young woman fall, her phone still in hand. Images shared by the tabloid thus show the fall of more than 48 meters filmed by the victim’s phone. A version that does not please the family of the victim who is also the mother of two children. Because if these relatives confirmed her death, they made it clear that she was not filming herself when the tragedy happened.

Influencer Xiao Giumei dies: relatives give another version

And for good reason, she would not usually take her smartphone out of her bag when she was at work for ethical reasons. Her family thus indicates that she inadvertently missed a walk, which would have precipitated her fall. In any case, his funeral and cremation have already taken place.

This is not the first time this type of tragedy has happened. On July 10, another influencer lost her life while trying to take a selfie atop a waterfall. A 32-year-old from Hong Kong, Sophia Cheung had fallen heavily from five meters into the Tsing Tai River. Despite the intervention of the emergency services, the videographer had succumbed to her injuries.



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