TikTok launches an algorithm that merges real life and online life!

TikTok users are very annoyed by the app’s algorithm that would connect them directly to their own contacts!

In recent days, TikTok users have noticed a change on the platform. Its algorithm is no longer the same. He now merges real life and online life. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

TikTok’s new update

TikTok updates! Indeed, the platform decided to change its algorithm. The goal is to merge real life and online life, as other apps like Facebook, Instagram etc … do so well.

But then what is the reason why the app made this decision? The goal is therefore to motivate users to follow the people they know in real life.

So it’s TikTok’s turn to copy the competition. We recall that until now, it was rather other platforms that reproduced their ideas.

Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts… All have decided to develop the system of videos in a short format to appeal to young people.

Most this new algorithm is not unanimous. Internet users are even very unhappy. The creators of TikTok also complain that the app has changed so much.

According to our colleagues at Wired, they would even have had the obligation to invite their procks and knowledge to lead by example.

We can therefore read the feedback very negative internet users on Twitter : « it’s rubbish, I don’t want my colleagues to see what I’m doing here “,” I’m disappointed, I liked the privacy that TikTok offered, I think that’s a shame. “

The spokesperson for the application speaks

It is therefore a change that creates privacy concerns for users. If this bothers so much, it is also because the synchronization of the application is unintentional.

That therefore poses a problem for everyone’s privacy. A New Yorker suffered a lot. And for good reason ! Following the update, his father discovered his homosexuality.

He therefore had to face this difficult moment alone, sincehe was not yet ready to tell his family about it. To date, TikTok disputes the concern for confidentiality.

According to a spokesperson for the application, there would therefore be ” a range of privacy settings. And activation functions. “

TikTok then suggests “the account to phone contacts”. Eh yes ! Users will havet therefore the possibility of changing the parameters, as Snapchat offers so well.

It is therefore very important to read the terms and conditions before accepting them.

So that’s reassuring for all those registered on the app. It is recalled that she is to this day a real phenomenon which is a hit the world over.

Since the health crisis, many are people who have created a TikTok account. The stars have even promoted it. Jennifer Lopez, M Pokora, Eva Longoria… Everyone is having fun on video.

So the question arises, the implementation of the new algorithm risksdoes it compromise the reputation of the app ? It is therefore a case to follow on MCE TV!


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