TikTok is down around the world [MAJ]

L’application TikTok is currently down on this Thursday, September 16. The problem, which appears to be a server problem, affects both French and international users. The failure has been identified in Canada in particular. At this time, the TikTok Support account has not provided any information.

Update on 09/16/2021 at 8:30 p.m .: TikTok has yet to communicate about the outage. However, users are starting to regain the use of their account. On Downdetector, the number of bug reports is reduced.

Update on 09/16/2021 at 9:00 p.m .: TikTok Support has just shared a tweet confirming that they are aware of the issue currently affecting their community. Its teams are working on it and the last users concerned should be able to regain use of the application soon.

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According to the census of the specialized site Downdetector, as well as the first tweets that appeared on Twitter, the problem would have started shortly before 8 p.m.. Some users thought they had been banned, hacked, or had connection issues. If you’re having trouble viewing videos, or if your profile shows no posts, followers, or subscriptions, know that the problem isn’t in your area.

TikTok outage September 2021

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An example of the current bugs for TikTok users:

On July 7, another large-scale outage affected the TikTok application. Users have expressed impatience with these server issues. By July, the blackout had lasted for many hours.

Also on Twitter, the community continues to express itself under the hashtag “TikTok Down” and it looks like the thread of posted messages is almost as entertaining as the “For You” thread on the TikTok homepage. The latter quickly rose to the trends with memes of all kinds, where members illustrate their impatience or even their “dependence” on the platform.

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