TikTok can (also) make you forget CNEWS, BFM TV, Tinder and Meetic

Launched in September 2016, the social application TikTok (developed by the Chinese ByteDance) is today an essential application for millions of (young) users. While its operation is still very obscure for some (old) users, TikTok is based on a very simple principle since the application allows users to create relatively short videos, accompanied by music. Some TikTok users have tens of millions of subscribers, and many want “careersOn TikTok.

TikTok stronger than Tinder and Meetic?

Through an internal study, called “Time Well Spent“, TikTok wanted to analyze the behavior of its users. The study was carried out on a panel of 7,000 users of the service, divided between the United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, Indonesia and France. And while we were talking about the fact that TikTok sometimes outclasses YouTube, it seems that the application is even stronger than dating sites, or even news channels.

Indeed, according to the study, 35% of TikTok users say they spend less time watching TV and watching videos online, the latter preferring to focus on the platform. A little less than 60% of those questioned also announced that they kept abreast of the news thanks to the various videos broadcast by TikTok, and too bad for CNEWS and BFM TV.

Obviously, videos of type Do it Yourself (DIY) and cooking recipes are also very popular on TikTok. The good news for content creators is that TikTok users are also very loyal, and take it upon themselves to share interesting videos with their friends and / or family.

Recently it is the legendary group ABBA which announced its big comeback, notably with virtual concerts to come in 2022 and the launch of an official channel… on TikTok.

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