TikTok Beats Facebook to Become World’s Most Downloaded App

According to a new analysis compiled by the Japanese business daily Nikkei, TikTok has officially overtaken Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and all other messaging platforms to become the most downloaded social media app in the world.

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A survey of downloads in 2020 shows that TikTok, the video sharing application developed in China, has become the application most downloaded in the world. It dethrones Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, three applications belonging to Mark Zuckerberg which occupied the podium for several years. And which, incidentally, are at the top of the 50 applications that collect your data the most.

TikTok dethrones Facebook and becomes the most downloaded app in the world

Facebook held the title of the most downloaded app for several years. Despite to very controversial management of user data, TikTok has grown behind the scenes at a breakneck pace, slowly taking over other social media and most of Gen Z’s free time.

When it was released in September 2016, TikTok launched a whole new video sharing trend, which was quickly picked up by several other social media apps. Recalling what made Vine so successful, TikTok paved the way for something new: very fast and eye-catching videos, which only last between nine and fifteen seconds on average (although TikTok increased the maximum duration to three minutes in July).

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Her style then expanded to include educational clips, tips, cooking, dance mini-tutorials and more. The possibilities have become endless and thousands of businesses have taken advantage of it to advertise their products, services or provide entertainment.

TikTok even has inspired by other platforms to imitate his style, after seeing his popularity explode, like Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts. What did not prevent TikTok from largely copy its competitors, recently adding Stories, a concept stuck to SnapChat, or offering other things like helping young people find jobs.

Most downloaded apps 2021
Most downloaded applications in 2021 © Nikkei


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