TikTok: a TV candidate wants to take the application to court!

On Instagram, a TV candidate expressed her anger towards TikTok. She even threatens to threaten the app!

TikTok will be worried in the coming months. In effect, a famous TV candidate has decided to file a complaint against the social network. But why ? Just scroll down a few lines to find out.

A candidate… apart

But before explaining the reason, maybe we should tell you who it is. The candidate in question is none other than Kim Glow. The one who made herself known in the Marseillais for her so atypical temperament.

The young woman no longer appears on TV, except on networks such as TikTok and Instagram. Appearances that serve subscribers since the young woman always gives valuable advice. And this, in addition to revealing some of his choreographies

For example, a few months ago, she revealed how she would keep the line forever. His secret? Electro simulation! ” Here we go ! It’s Wednesday, I’m going to train, I’m going to take good care of myself! ». She explained in a video.

Before specifying: “With my ABS plus equipment (electro simulation) I’m going to do glutes, thighs, abs today! In addition it’s almost summer, to feel good about yourself, that’s too good! ». And when she does not play sports, she embarks on other projects.

Indeed, you may not have known it, but Kim Glow was intended to stand for presidential elections. Finally, the one who intends to sue TikTok returned to her project, to the disappointment of her fans.

But in the end why does she intend to attack the Chinese app? Does she use her videos in which she gives advice on keeping in shape? In order not to have recourse to cosmetic surgery ? Presque.

TikTok attacked by a TV candidate

It was our colleagues from Starmag who explained the reason for this attack on the part of the young woman. The media recalls that Kim appreciates posting videos of skilfully studied choreographies.

However, TikTok keeps removing these… Not liking this situation, the young woman came out of her hinges and cried out against injustice. She remains convinced that someone is after her on the Chinese app and has chosen to hit hard.

Since it is inspired by the uncensored content of some influencers. She therefore does not understand why the videos of these remain on the platform and not his. In addition to this, his account has to face other problems.

TikTok has chosen to deactivate its account three times. That is why, Kim Glow, exhausted, made the decision everyone was waiting for as Starmag reports. She contacted her lawyer but that’s not all.

She also asked her “fans of “Send a PM” to her if they were in the same situation as her, in order to make a “group complaint” against the Chinese application”. It remains to be seen whether this will be useful or not.


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