TikTok: a secret button exists to make a video viral!

According to a recent report, TikTok has a technique to boost videos manually. Some employees confided.

Forbes just released an explosive report. Indeed, the latter highlights the secrets of the virality of videos on TikTok. Some employees seem to have the ability to make videos popular with just one trick. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

TikTok under fire from critics

TikTok still has a great audience around the world. Indeed, the social network that shares thousands of videos holds more and more users. A wave of popularity on which the Chinese group is surfing, and does not need to be asked.

However, reviews and information about the app are raining down. Indeed, TikTok has also been accused to steal the personal data of subscribers. Thus, the Chinese app is sanctioned witha fine of 5 million euros. Eh yes !

As a reminder, since 2020, the CNIL has offered a button to refuse cookies. An element not respected by TikTok. Info that falls and gives an increasingly bleak picture of the video platform. Moreover, even its contents are modified.

In addition, some challenges even endanger the health of some users. Indeed, the « Choking Challenge » has for example caused the death of several children. Deaths which then pushed the app to take drastic measures.

Finally, according to a recent survey by Forbes, TikTok itself boosts the popularity of certain videos. A secret button then exists, and can be used at any time by employees. MCE TV tells you more

A button to make your videos viral

TikTok has not finished being on the front of the stage at the start of the year. Indeed, the social network of young people is talked about a lot, and not for the better. So, according to the latest news, a Forbes investigation has just brought to light the secrets viral videos. Just that !

Simply put, the app has revealed the requirements for your videos to go viral. And one thing is for sure, it’s faster than expected. Indeed, according to six TikTok employees, all you have to do is stimulate your content manually. This practice is then called “heating” and makes it possible to circumvent the practices of the social network.

Thus, the popularity of a video does not always depend on the app’s algorithm. And the numbers are even there. In total, around 1-2% of total video views are generated. A very unequal practice therefore, which does not allow everyone to “break through” on the social network. Eh yes !

Indeed, the Forbes report indicates that some employees took the opportunity to increase the popularity of their content and that of their relatives. « We promote certain videos to help diversify the content experience.« […] “And that content represents about 0.002% of the videos in the For You streams” defended himself Jamie Favazza, spokesperson for TikTok.

Like what, everyone can drill. What will be the next TikTok news to know? To be continued !

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