Tier list Pokémon Unite – What are the best Pokémon?

Pokémon Unite offers players the opportunity to play as their favorite Pokémon in fierce arena battles. Thanks to this Tier list of the different Pokémon available, here is what to get a good idea of ​​the most effective Pokémon depending on the role you want to play.

Who says MOBA also says meta and balancing and Pokémon Unite is no exception, far from it. After a first balancing patch rolled out on August 4th, things have changed a lot on the brand new MOBA. In order to see more clearly, we have concocted our own tier list of Pokémon to favor. For each of them, a guide explaining how to play it and which Abilities to choose is available or in preparation.

The best fighters in Pokémon Unite

Tier S

Tier S - Tier List Pokémon Unite

Feunard d’Alola (Alolan Ninetale)

Lane: Top / Bot – Role: Attacker

Why choose between damage and control when you can have both? Feunard d’Alola slows down everyone, all the time and is overkill for this exact reason. It is as difficult to approach it as it is to get away from it, and the consequent damage of the ice fox will not leave you the right to make mistakes.


Lane : Top/Bot/Jungle (mid) – Rôle : Polyvalent (All-Rounder)

Everyone adores Lucario, and many will pounce on the Pokémon because it is so effective. This versatile fighter has it all, with edgy gameplay, great mobility and massive damage. If it is difficult to play, the reward is worth the effort!

Pyrobut (Cinderace)

Lane: Top / Bot – Role: Attacker

Pyrobut will undoubtedly be able to conquer a large number of players thanks to its atypical gameplay. Indeed, the rabbit footballer must skilfully chain Basic Attacks and abilities to take advantage of his Talent. Once this mechanic is mastered, it becomes formidable!

Tier A

Pokémon Unite Tier List - Tier A

Nigosier (Cramorant)

Lane: Top / Bot – Role: Attacker

This Feathered Attacker is very unique in the Pokémon Unite roster. Its passive allows it to defend itself thanks to the preys it catches: a very fun concept but which requires some learning in order to be optimized. Nevertheless, the bird Pokémon has enormous damage!

Ronflex (Snorlax)

Lane: Top / Bot – Role: Defender

The Gluttonous Colossus is very difficult to kill due to its astronomical amount of health and excellent regeneration. He also possesses very powerful control abilities which make him undoubtedly the best defender today. Nevertheless, his recent nerve has been particularly violent and deprives him of the right to Tier S for the moment.

Leuphoria (Blissey)

Lane: Top / Bot – Role: Support (Supporter)

The last Pokémon to join the Unite roster is already making a strong impression! While it is still early days to give a fully informed opinion on Leuphoria, this new support seems extremely effective. He can defend his allies better than anyone and can be devastating if he coordinates well with an Attacker.

Grodoudou (Wigglytuff)

Lane: Top / Bot – Role: Support (Supporter)

After his huge buff, Grodoudou finally comes out of the shadows. The soporific-voiced pink ball in a lane plague, with its pair of slaps dealing surprising damage. Later, it will be especially useful for his Lullabies… absolutely unbearable for the enemy team!


Lane: Jungle (mid) – Role: Fast (Speedster)

Zeraora is a very interesting jungler, whose kit encourages fights that go on forever. Indeed, the Electric Pokémon gains Attack when it suffers damage and has a significant health regeneration.

Mackogneur / Machamp

Lane : Top/Bot/Jungle (mid) – Rôle : Polyvalent (All-Rounder)

Mackogneur is strong, and he has no trouble proving it. The Pokémon deals considerable damage and can also take a few hits before it hits the mat. His kit, made up of several buffs, allows him to ignore the vast majority of the controls that affect him: Mackogneur goes where he wants and when he wants!

Amphinobi (Greninja)

Lane: Top / Bot / Jungle (mid) – Role: Attacker

Amphinobi’s entire kit revolves around its powerful Basic Attacks, complemented by good mobility capabilities. The frog is difficult to master but proves formidable in the right hands.

Tier B

Pokémon Unite Tier List - Tier B

Blancoton (Eldegoss)

Lane: Top / Bot – Role: Support (Supporter)

What would a MOBA be without a character specializing in care? On Pokémon Unite, it is Blancoton who occupies this role, and he does it well. Its protective capabilities are very powerful and can turn the outcome of many fights in its favor.


Lane: Top / Bot – Role: Attacker

Gardevoir has colossal destructive potential! Indeed, the Psychic and Fairy Pokémon benefit from a reduction in the cooldown on certain skills when they hit an enemy. However, this firepower comes at a price: a cruel lack of mobility!

Crabaraque (Crustle)

Lane: Top / Bot / Jungle (mid) – Role: Defender (Defender)

In the world of Defenders, Crabaraque acts as a UFO. If he is very resistant, he clearly does not offer his team the same panel of crowd control as his colleagues. In return, it has excellent mobility and surprising damage.

Ectoplasm (Gengar)

Lane: Jungle (Mid) – Role: Fast (Speedster)

After a substantial nerve, Ectoplasma falls into the Tier List. While far from useless, it has clearly lost its luster and cannot teleport so easily over and over again dealing colossal damage.

M. Mime (Mr. Mime)

Lane: Top / Bot – Role: Support (Supporter)

Mr. Mime, the psychic support of Pokémon Unite, has no shortage of assets to integrate your team. Between walls to be placed to block enemies, crowd controls and even exchange of statistics, it is enough to drive your opponents mad! The catch is that our mime is completely ineffective on its own.

Dracaufeu (Charizard)

Lane: Top / Bot – Role: Versatile (All-Rounder)

Charizard is a very powerful Pokémon, with considerable firepower. For this, he must nevertheless go through a complicated start to the game. In a recent patch, the fire starter has been considerably strengthened and made a nice rise in the rankings!

Flambusard (Talonflame)

Lane: Jungle (mid) – Role: Fast (Speedster)

Flambusard and the quintessential mobile Pokémon. He’s formidable in the jungle thanks to his good damage and his ability to be anywhere in no time. Unfortunately, he’s also extremely fragile and will struggle to find his place in late-game team fights. However, the firebird quickly becomes unstoppable if it gains the upper hand in the early game.

Tier C

Tier C - Tier List Pokémon Unite


Lane: Top / Bot – Role: Attacker

The Electric Mouse is the perfect attacker to start with. It has substantial damage, excellent range and controls to easily stay away from danger. The problem is, most attackers do the same … and better!

Carchacrok (Garchomp)

Lane : Top/Bot/Jungle (mid) – Rôle : Polyvalent (All-Rounder)

Carchacrok is a fierce fighter who has many strengths to showcase. The sand shark hits hard, is resistant, has good controls… once it is in contact it becomes difficult to stop. But for that, you have to go through a very soft early game … probably too much.


Lane: Jungle (mid) – Role: Fast (Speedster)

The very archetype of the assassin in Pokémon Unite. Absol inflicts colossal damage with the unmistakable backstroke mechanic. However, he struggles to find priority targets in 5v5 battles. A weakness that costs him dearly.

Tier D

Tier D - Tier List Pokémon Unite

Flagadoss (Slowbro)

Lane: Top / Bot – Role: Defender

Flagadoss is extremely annoying to face, but still lacks a little something. While Surf is a very powerful ability, beast lacks damage and unfortunately has single target control spells. A shame in a game where group fights are often the key to victory.

Florizarre (Venusaur)

Lane: Top / Bot – Role: Attacker

After a substantial buff, Florizarre hurts. Truly bad ! Nonetheless, he is still dramatically immobile, and dependent like no one else on the help of a Defender to control opponents.

As thousands of trainers go through the ranked games of Pokémon Unite, a meta is finally starting to emerge. Some Pokémon deemed powerful a week ago have collapsed while forgotten others are now in the limelight.

But things could still change. We therefore invite you to regularly consult this tier list to be aware of the latest developments in the meta. In the meantime, why not take a look at our other Pokémon Unite guides?


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