Thor 4 Love and Thunder: Chris Hemsworth announces the end of filming

The fourth installment of Thor is now in the box! Filming is indeed finished, as confirmed by Chris Hemsworth on his Instagram account. Now we have to take care of the post-production.

Filming for Thor 4 is over

After the success of Thor 3 Ragnarok, we are curious to discover the continuation of the adventures of the god of thunder. Entitled Thor: Love And Thunder, it hits theaters next year, May 4, 2022 to be precise. Chris Hemsworth, who plays the title role, has in any case announced that the shooting was over. He did share a photo on Instagram where he appears with director Taika Waititi. The actor visibly pushed out of the cast, his arms swelling like never before.

In legend, he confides in particular that the feature film will be “Completely crazy and funny”. The film will also be sprinkled with “A lot of love” and “a lot of thunder”. And the actor to pay tribute to his collaborators: “Thank you to all the cast and crew who made this amazing new Marvel journey. Strap in, get ready and go to the movies ”.

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Thor 4 Love and Thunder : un casting XXL

For the record, there will be beautiful people in this new opus. Natalie Portman will play the role of Jane Foster again. She also confirmed in an interview that she was going to get hold of the hammer Mjölnir in the movie. Christian Bale will also be credited in the credits, he who will play the main antagonist, the villain Gorr, the Slayer of the Gods. Moreover, we will also find Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie), Chris Pratt (Star-Lord) or Taika Waititi. As can be seen in the end-of-shoot photo, the director will play the role of superhero Korg.

According to a leak, an overpowered Avengers could appear in Thor 4. It would be Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. Anyway, this fourth opus should attract crowds. As a reminder, the Thor trilogy grossed $ 1.94 billion at the global box office. With $ 853.9 million in revenue worldwide, Thor: Ragnarok was the most profitable installment.


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