This Warzone class has by far the best TTK in the game

Warzone content creator IceManIsaac revealed the fastest weapon to kill in Season 3. Also explaining how to build your class to ensure you dominate the competition in Caldera and Rebirth Island with it.

Despite the incredible number of weapons on offer in Warzone Pacific, shotguns have been relegated to the periphery for most of battle royale history. Their close range limitations mean that in general players are much more likely to arm themselves with an SMG.

However, according to IceManIsaac, the Modern Warfare JAK-12 Shotgun is one of BR’s best weapons in Season 3. As a shotgun, it’s understandably limited in range and maneuverability, but when This is direct TTK, there are no comparable weapons.

JAK-12 Warzone

The JAK-12 absolutely rips through any opponent at close range.

The JAK-12 class with the best Warzone Season 3 TTK

In a May 13 YouTube video, Isaac explained that the high rate of fire for a semi-automatic shotgun allows you to get in close and shoot anything.

Although its range leaves something to be desired, it is the perfect weapon for clearing houses and other tight environments.

“In terms of time to kill, it beats the Owen Gun within 10 yards”did he declare. “Let’s be honest, most of our fights take place in close quarters where you have to clear buildings. And the JAK-12 is perfect in those scenarios.”

The full class is detailed below:

  • Bouche : FORGE TAC Marauder
  • Canon : ZLR J-3600 Torrent
  • Telescope : 5 mW laser
  • Cannon accessory: Handle Strip – Dotted
  • Munitions : 20 round drum magazines

Despite the JAK-12’s incredible damage in close combat, players will definitely need a solid and reliable assault rifle to complement Modern Warfare’s shotgun. For this role, there is currently no better weapon than the STG-44.

As long as players wisely alternate between the two weapons, victories in Season 3 will be easier than ever to achieve.


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