This Warzone class from MP5 could be the new meta

A TikTok video praising an MP5 class on Warzone shows how this weapon could make its mark in the in-game meta due to its guesswork power.

In the past, MP5 has been an integral part of the Warzone meta. Whether it’s the Modern Warfare version or the Black Ops Cold War version, the MP5 has dominated Call of Duty’s Battle Royale for several distinct periods.

However, this weapon which has fallen slightly into oblivion in recent months could well make its comeback in the spotlight.

Following the publication of a TikTok video from TTZYro that quickly went viral, Battle Royale players were able to experience the exceptional efficiency of a specific class of Modern Warfare MP5.

MP5 Modern Warfare Warzone

For a long time, the MP5 dominated the Warzone submachine gun meta.

This class, which is nicknamed “hitcan”, makes the MW submachine gun particularly powerful in melee thanks to its judged fire which is extremely precise.

So without further ado, discover the accessories that you must equip on this weapon to reproduce this kind of action on Warzone.

The MP5 hitcan class on Warzone

  • Mouth : Monolithic silencer
  • Laser : Laser 5MW
  • Cannon accessory : Mercenary front grip
  • Munitions : Charger of 45 cartridges
  • Crosse : Retractable FTAC
@ttvzyro*NO AIM NEEDED HITSCAN CLASS IS BROKEN😧* Setup @ the end! ##warzone ##warzoneclips ##rebirthisland ##callofduty

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So now all you have to do is reproduce this TikTok class of the Modern Warfare MP5 and judge for yourself its power in part on Rebirth Island or on Verdansk which is living its last days on the Battle Royale.


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