This Top Break Akimbo class on Vanguard is overkill

A Class of the Top Break Akimbo Pistol appears to be the next overkill meta in the Ship Haus 24/7 playlist after Vanguard’s shotgun nerf.

When the iconic Shipment map was released, Vanguard players were delighted to discover that a special playlist featuring this map as well as Das Haus had been added to the game.

However, some weapons are already starting to spoil the fun for some players.

While we’ve already seen an influx of shotguns on these two maps that completely spoiled the gaming experience for fans, it looks like it’s now Akimbo’s turn to get the talk.

Top Break Akimbo Vanguard

The Akimbo Top Break could soon flood your games on Shipment and Das Haus.

In recent days, a class of the Top Break Akimbo pistol seems to have completely replaced the shotguns on Shipment and Das Haus.

This murderous class sweeps away everything in its path with violent firepower.

The accessories of the Akimbo Top Break

Here are the accessories you will need to reproduce the results in the video below.

  • Mouth : M1929 silencer
  • Canon : Wilkie W-4 Talon
  • Telescope : Custom X3.25 1229 / Slate
  • Trigger : Light trigger
  • Charger : .30 Russian small caliber
  • Ammunition type : M15 cartridges
  • Rear handle : Fabric handle
  • Expertise : Akimbo
  • Kit : Fast

Even if you are not the type of gamer to exploit overpowered weapons, know that right now is a great time to level up weapons that you may not have used yet.

With the Double XP that is currently available in Vanguard, you can be riding the Top Break in no time.

Also, according to some players, it’s only a matter of time before this pistol suffers a nerf like shotguns. It would therefore be wise to take advantage of it a little.


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