This TikTok star sells her farts in NFT (and people buy!)

We don’t judge. Stephanie Matto became an American reality TV star after appearing on the show “90-Day Fiance”. With her popularity on TikTok, the influencer had the idea to take advantage of her notoriety by… selling her own farts in jars. She therefore founded a real Pet Jar company, and began to consume far too much gas-generating food in order to be able to deliver the necessary quantities.

It must be said that the business is surprisingly lucrative. Many people are indeed ready, on the internet, to buy strange things – we remember the influencer Belle Delphine, 3.9 million followers who had managed to sell a lot of bottles of water from her bathtub for the low price. sum of $ 30 each. With farts, we change the order of magnitude, despite the apparent absence of content and the smell for those who would really dare to open their jar.

But why do people buy NFT from farts?

Stephanie Matto indeed sold each bottle containing one of her farts for the modest sum of 1000 US dollars. What allowed him according to his words to pocket about 50,000 dollars … per week. A trifle. But health eventually caught up with the influencer. She tells : “I thought I had a stroke and that I was living my last moments. I exaggerated. I didn’t tell the doctors about the farts in the jars but I told them about my diet ”.

And Stephanie Matto to continue: “It was made very clear to me that what I was going through was not the result of a stroke or a heart problem but very severe gas-related pain. I was advised to change my diet and take anti-gas medication, which de facto shut down my business ”. Aouch. But don’t worry, not being able to eat so many foods full of fiber, Stephanie Matto keeps the entrepreneurial fiber.

She decided to digitize her farts, and sell them in the form of NFT – at an inevitably much lower price: 0.05 Ethereum or barely 167 euros at the time of this writing. Not to mention the “gas” fees that you will have to pay for transaction fees on the blockchain. On its new site, it offers 5,000 “farts in jars” in the form of NFTs. Stephanie Matto points out that 100 of these NFTs can be exchanged for real farts in jars.

But that’s not all: another 100 NFTs can be exchanged for dirty panties and other underwear. Quite a program… The interested party explains on her site: “These NFTs are just as beautiful, unique and rare as my real jars! You can practically feel them through the screen. Use your imagination! Jar farts are a real sign that you are going against the grain, that you are pioneering, and don’t care about the opinions of others. Being the first fart mogul put me on the map, and now it’s your turn to join my fart empire ”.

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In case you were wondering: “Ok, if she can do it, why can’t I?” you are asking yourself exactly the right question. Stephanie Matto is ready to give you some tips on getting started by videoconference. On the other hand, to take advantage of it, you must first buy an NFT of farts at 167 € …


Par: TikTok Pte. Ltd.


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