This Tesla Model X drives in Boat Mode in the middle of Hurricane Ian

A video posted on Twitter once again demonstrates the almost amphibious capabilities of Tesla’s cars. We see a Floridian escape from his flooded neighborhood at the wheel of his Tesla Model X even though the region is in the grip of a monster flood.

Any driver who has traveled during a flood knows this very well: a car that stalls when it is immersed in water is a real danger for the passengers of the vehicle. Electric cars, Teslas in particular, are known to drive better on flooded roads. This is due to the fact that they do not have an exhaust pipe, the big weak point and the water inlet of thermal cars.

Hurricane Ian, which hits the East Coast of the United States, wreaks havoc in its path. The inhabitants of the most remote regions are unfortunately not the priority of the rescuers. So they have to find a way to shelter themselves from the wrath of the elements on their own, and that often means hitting the road. A resident of North Port, Florida posted a video on Twitter impressive. In the latter, we see him joining the main road from his small hamlet. Although the road is flooded in places up to the level of the hood of his Tesla Model X, the driver manages to cross the road without incident.

The Tesla motor unit and battery are very well insulated

Already in 2016, Elon Musk declared on Twitter: “We do not recommend it, but the Model S floats well enough to transform into a boat for short periods. Propulsion by the rotation of the wheels”. Tesla has indeed designed its vehicles to be as waterproof as possible. The Shanghai Gigafactory often tests its cars in flooding conditions, China being often affected by this type of phenomenon and according to the multi-billionaire, the Cybertruck will also be waterproof and can briefly serve as a boat. It will be able to cross rivers, lakes and even the sea, if it is not too rough.

Make no mistake about it, if the power unit and the battery of some Tesla models are actually waterproof, the legendary Boat Mode does not really exist. It is not recommended at all to immerse your electric car (or not) more than necessary. This video, which adds to a long list, shows however that the American brand’s cars come out of this type of dangerous situation better than the average. Perhaps this explains why Tesla is so successful in the Middle Kingdom.


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