This strange live video is there to show that an apartment for sale is not haunted

Selling a house or an apartment after a death is not always easy. Many people are superstitious and believe in ghosts. And this is obviously particularly the case in China. A heavily indebted man ended his life in his apartment in Wuzhong District. The local people’s court then seized his property to sell it and thus repay part of its debts.

But there you have it, how do you sell an apartment when all the potential buyers think the spirit of the deceased is going to haunt them? It was then that the court took what was unexpected, to say the least. In order to prove by A + B that these fears are unfounded, video cameras have been installed inside the apartment – cameras whose stream is broadcast live on the internet.

The court thought to accelerate this judicial sale by setting up a video lie stream

To make the demonstration even more convincing, the court paid a local resident to live in the apartment under the watchful eye of the cameras. We could thus see the latter live cleaning, eating, exercising or watching TV. And this astonishing live stream was a hit. Tens of thousands of people were able to follow the stream, the story, as you wish, to observe a human being in his privacy with a touch of uneasiness …

Or to play detective, in particular to try to demonstrate to the chagrin of the magistrates that the place is indeed haunted. Unfortunately for this sale, it is indeed especially the live stream that arouses interest. The apartment of the late indebted player, priced at the equivalent of 160,000 euros, is still seeking, according to Paris Match, its new owner.

Not sure, therefore, that the Wuzhong District Court does not wish to repeat the experience the next time this type of judicial sale arises. Moreover, superstition is not a problem exclusive to the Chinese real estate market. In France too, many sales are not made for reasons which are not always very rational. A 2014 For Sale For Rent study reveals that 48% of women and 35% of men say they are superstitious when it comes to buying real estate.

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Besides the goods in which someone has died, many people seem to shy away from the number 13. Thus, the study affirms that 43% prefer to avoid housewarming on a Friday 13. 21% prefer to avoid living on the 13th floor. And you, are you superstitious when it comes to buying real estate? Share your feedback in the comments to this article.


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