This McDonald’s is giving away an iPhone to all employees who stay more than six months

A McDonald’s in Altamont in the United States has found a new way to motivate its employees: by giving an iPhone to those who will stay for more than six months. Across the Atlantic, the fast food sector is particularly affected by the crisis and is currently suffering from a severe shortage of employees.

McDonalds offre iPhone
Image @brogawd_ on Twitter

All means are good to avoid turnover and attract potential future employees. In the United States, this McDonald’s not like the others offer an iPhone to all employees who will stay for more than six months. If the model shown on the sign is a white iPhone 5S (released in 2013), the restaurant does not specify which model of iPhone it is. Still, it’s a great way to motivate troops and keep them from leaving the store too early, as fast food is currently undergoing a severe shortage of employees across the Atlantic.

This McDonald’s gives an iPhone to employees who stay more than six months

A McDonald’s restaurant based in Altamont in Illinois offers iPhones to new staff if they stay on for at least six months. A viral photo shared on Twitter by user @brogawd_ shows a sign from the fast food chain that reads: “ We hire. iPhone free. “Small characters clarify that job criteria are necessary in order to be eligible.

This unusual news comes as the fast food industry faces a massive shortage of employees. Experts cite low wages, health problems, the need to keep children and unemployment benefits as possible reasons for the shortage. In the United States, the Dunkin ‘and Subway brands are also facing a severe labor shortage.

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A spokesperson for McDonald’s recently said in a statement that the chain was working to increase its recruitments. Fast food restaurants also experience a slight shortage of labor, generally during the summer. Various stores in the United States thus offer salary incentives, referral bonuses and additional benefits to attract potential workers. A McDonald’s in Tampa, Florida, for example, offered $ 50 to anyone who showed up for a job interview.


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